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Fashion Tips for Men with Bigger Thighs

Last update: 2024-07-05

Having bigger thighs can make finding well-fitting pants challenging. However, with the right fashion knowledge, you can accentuate your body shape and dress stylishly. Here are some useful fashion tips for guys with bigger thighs.

Focus on Fit

The most important thing is getting pants with the right fit. Look for pants labeled "athletic fit" or "slim straight." These have more room in the thighs and seat but still taper down below the knee for a tailored look. Avoid pants labeled "skinny" or "slim" as those will be too tight.

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When trying on pants, do the squat test. Squat down like you're touching your toes. Pants that are too tight will pull at the thighs or rise up. Well-fitting pants should move with your body comfortably. Focus on fit first, then alter the length or waist as needed.

Choose Stretch Fabrics

Fabrics with a bit of stretch like spandex or elastane blended into cotton or polyester will accommodate thick thighs better. Jeans with 2-4% stretch are ideal for retaining shape while allowing freedom of movement.

Joggers and sweatpants made from cotton/polyester blends or spandex have great stretch for athletic guys. Just be sure the fabric isn't too thin, or it may sag around the legs. Heavier weight sweatpants and techwear joggers will drape better over big thighs.

Skip Pleats and Cuffs

Pleated pants and cuffs tend to accentuate big thighs visually. Go for pants with flat fronts and straight legs instead. Flat front chinos or trousers will give a smoother, more streamlined look.

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Uncuffing pant legs can also elongate your frame. A medium or full break over the shoe is ideal. Avoid flood pants that stop above the ankle.

Dark Colors Minimize Size

Dark shades like black, charcoal and navy blue minimize curves and size. Lighter colors tend to emphasize and draw the eye to thighs and hips. Sticking with neutral dark tones on your bottom half helps streamline the silhouette.

Pair dark pants with lighter colors up top for optimal contrast. A light gray sport coat on top helps balance out a darker trouser color. Just don't wear the exact same color on both halves or it will look like a jumpsuit.

Add Visual Weight Up Top

Adding layers on your top half helps balance out bigger legs. Wearing an unbuttoned sport coat, a cardigan or collared shirt layered under a sweater builds mass up top. Vests and thick hoodies can also add visual weight.

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Just avoid overly tight fits up top--you don't want to look disproportionate in the opposite direction either. Leave shirts and jackets roomy, not constricting.

Get the Right Rise

The rise refers to the distance between the crotch and waistband of pants. A higher rise with more room minimizes tension on the thighs. Low rise pants tend to squeeze thighs and highlight size.

Mid to high rise pants around 11-13 inches from crotch to waistband are ideal for most men. High rise pants also help conceal your stomach by covering the navel. Avoid low rise pants around 7-9 inch inseams to prevent discomfort.

Pick the Right Patterns

Some patterns like pinstripes and herringbones elongate the look of your legs. Thick vertical stripes make thighs appear less wide. Just don't wear pants where the stripes go horizontal--that will emphasize width.

Medium to large plaid patterns also help hide size. Go for bolder exaggerated plaids instead of micro-plaids to maximize this effect. Avoid any tight patterned pants, which will draw attention.

Shop Smart

Look for specialty big and tall brands that cater to athletic builds. Outdoor companies like Columbia and Eddie Bauer carry expanded sizing with athletic cuts. You can often find relaxed fit chinos and jeans with extra thigh room from these retailers.

Kohl's Department stores

Department stores like Kohl's and DXL carry large size ranges too. Ask sales associates for recommendations and don't be afraid to ask for help--it's their job to find pants that fit you well.

Get Clothes Altered

Getting clothes professionally tailored is worthwhile if you find pants that fit your thighs but need adjusting in the waist or length. Any qualified tailor can take in the waist or hem pants for the perfect customized fit.

You can also have shirts and jackets taken in to balance your proportions. Just leave extra room so the garment doesn't end up too snug. A good tailor can alter clothes reasonably.

Wear Long Tops & Jackets

Longer shirts, sweaters and jackets help streamline the lower body. An untucked button down with a long hem can cover your rear and thighs. Knits in cotton or cashmere hang well past the hips for a lengthening effect.

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An untucked flannel or denim shirt layered under a jacket gives you extra coverage. Similarly, a mid-thigh length topcoat helps balance your overall silhouette for a sharper look.

Pick Appropriate Shorts

During the warmer months, shorts present another fitting challenge. The best shorts for muscular legs are around 7-9 inches inseam. Look for flat front shorts in athletic or relaxed fits with ample thigh room.

Shorts that end just above the knee tend to be the most flattering and proportional. Avoid overly long/baggy cargos or super short 5” inseams. Stick to mid-thigh length shorts in dark colors for the most polished look.

Don't Neglect Your Calves

Having defined calves or "Popeye legs" is common with bigger thighs. Make sure calf area of pants and jeans has room, especially in boots. High calf military boots may fit too snugly around athletic legs.

When wearing pants, aim for at least half an inch of room so they don't cling to your calves. Relaxed, athletic or loose straight fits allow freedom of movement. Skinny cuts can constrict movement and cause discomfort.

Confidence is Key

At the end of the day, confidence in your own skin is what matters most. Having bigger thighs isn't a bad thing—they're powerful assets! Avoid body shaming terms and focus on finding clothes that fit in a way you feel good about.

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Seeking fashion advice shows you care about your appearance. Now that you have tips to highlight your shape, use them to unlock unique style. Combine proper fit with colors, patterns and proportions that showcase your physique confidently.


What type of pants are best for big thighs?

Pants with an athletic or relaxed fit through the seat and thighs work best. Focus on stretch fabrics with at least 2% spandex for flexibility. Styles like joggers, flat front chinos and athletic jeans accommodate larger thighs well.

Should I avoid skinny jeans?

Yes, skinny jeans tend to be very constricting for muscular thighs. Go for athletic cut jeans or slim straights for a tailored look with enough room to move comfortably. Dark washes are also minimizing.

What if pants fit my thighs but are loose in the waist?

You can always have the waist taken in by a tailor. Leaving the thighs with enough room then altering the waist is an easy adjustment for the perfect custom fit.

Do bigger thighs look better in shorts or pants?

It depends on your comfort level. Well-fitting shorts at mid thigh length can be very flattering. Dark flat front pants in athletic cuts are also elongating and stylish. Choose what makes you feel most confident.

What style tops help balance bigger thighs?

Untucked button downs, long sweaters and layered looks help add visual weight up top. Shirttails and longer jackets provide coverage over the rear as well. Balance is key.


Dressing stylishly with athletic thighs is very achievable. Follow these fashion tips to accentuate your build. Stick to dark colors in flat front or relaxed fit pants to smooth and streamline. Add lightweight layers up top to balance proportions. Most importantly, project confidence and focus on finding fits that make you feel your best! Proper style is all about celebrating the unique physique you have.

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