• How Do You Look Slim In Wide Leg Pants?

How Do You Look Slim In Wide Leg Pants?

Last update: 2024-05-01

Wide-leg pants have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their comfort and versatility. However, some people find that wide-leg pants can make them look boxy and heavy if the pants aren't properly fitted and styled. Fortunately, there are several tricks you can use to look slim and stylish while wearing wide-leg pants.

Choose the Right Fit

Find Your Perfect Length

When trying on wide-leg pants, the length is crucial for achieving a slimming effect. Avoid pants that are too long and bunch up around your feet, as this will shorten your legs. The ideal wide-leg pant length hits right at the top of your shoes or slightly above. This small break in the hem will elongate your legs for a slimmer appearance.

For petite women, a cropped wide-leg pant that hits above the ankle is ultra flattering, while tall women can get away with a longer wide-leg as long as there is still a slight break at the hem.

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Get a Tailored Waist

A loose, billowy waistband will add unwanted bulk, so make sure your wide-leg pants fit properly at the waist. They shouldn’t be too tight, but rather tailored to smoothly skim your natural waist without gaping or squeezing. A comfortable elastic or stretch waistband also works well to avoid a baggy stomach area.

Style with Body-Skimming Tops

Choose Fitted Blouses and Bodysuits

Pairing wide-leg pants with an oversized, flowing top will overwhelm your frame. Instead, balance out the volume of the pants by wearing a slim-fitting blouse or bodysuit tucked into the waistband. This creates a streamlined silhouette for a taller, leaner look.

Layer with Cropped Jackets and Cardigans

Throwing on a jacket is a quick trick for looking slimmer instantly. Cropped jacket and cardigan styles that hit right at the waist work perfectly with wide-leg pants. The cropped length keeps your torso looking long, while showcasing the smallest part of your waist.

Opt for Ankle-Strapping Shoes

Stilettos Elongate Your Legs

For special occasions or nights out, strappy stilettos or pumps are a foolproof way to achieve mile-long legs with wide-leg pants. The leg-lengthening powers of heels make this footwear choice an instant slimming solution.

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Ankle Straps Visually Slim Your Ankles

Wider pants can sometimes make feet and ankles appear broader, so ankle-strap heels or flats counteract this effect. The straps create a cradling effect around the ankles for a more slender, elegant shape to your legs that effortlessly compliments the volume of wide-leg pants.

Cinch In Your Waist

Add a Belt for Definition

One of the best accessories for making your waist look slimmer with wide-leg pants is a belt. Cinch the pants in at your natural waistline to emphasize your hourglass shape. This avoids the tent-like effect that some loose wide-leg pants can take on.

Play with Proportions Using a Wide Belt

Take the belt trick even further by using an especially wide belt or sash. The exaggerated width makes your waist seem smaller in comparison, creating a defined curve between your waist and hips. Coordinate the belt color with your tops or shoes for a pulled-together vibe.

Choose Flattering Fabric and Styles

Seek Out Lightweight Fabrics

Wide-leg pants made of stiffer, heavier fabrics can cling to the body and highlight lumps or bumps you’d rather conceal. Seek out breathable, flowy fabrics like viscose, rayon, or lightweight cotton blends. These materials drape beautifully over your frame for a slim, flawless appearance.

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Trouser and High-Waisted Styles Flatter Your Shape

Trouser-style wide-leg pants offer a bit more structure for a slim silhouette compared to very loose, voluminous pants, which can swallow you up. High-waisted wide-leg pants also expertly highlight your natural waist for an always-flattering shape. These styles keep the visual weight around your waist instead of your hips.


With some strategic styling moves, wide-leg pants can be an incredibly chic and slimming wardrobe addition. By selecting a properly fitted pair tailored to your height, tucking in a fitted top, adding leg-lengthening shoes, cinching your waist with a belt, and choosing lightweight, body-skimming fabrics and styles, you’ll always look svelte and confident. Wide-leg pants accentuate your best assets, so learn how to make them work for your body!

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