• Slimming Outfits For Over 50

Slimming Outfits For Over 50

Last update: 2023-11-14

Dressing stylishly in your 50s can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! The key is finding pieces that are both fashionable and flattering for your figure. Here are some tips for putting together slimming outfits that will have you looking and feeling fabulous in your 50s:

Picking The Right Silhouette

An A-line dress or skirt is universally flattering at any age. The silhouette gently skims over the stomach and hips to create an hourglass shape. Pair an A-line piece with a fitted top to accentuate your waistline. Other options include wrap dresses, empire waists, and clean tailored pieces that skim (rather than cling) to your frame.

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Using Color And Pattern Strategically

Dark, solid colors are slimming and sophisticated. Navy, black, charcoal, and jewel tones all create a longer, leaner silhouette. If you want to incorporate patterns, choose those with vertical lines or symmetrical shapes to elongate the body. Small prints and textures also minimize problem areas. Stay away from anything too loud or busy, which can be unflattering.

Trying On-Trend Layering Techniques

Layering is in, and it's a great way to conceal lumps and bumps. Try a tailored blazer over a dress, a long vest or duster coat over pants and a blouse, or a lightweight scarf layered over a simple top. Unconstructed layers give the illusion of a streamlined shape under the cascading fabrics. Play with different textures like lace, silk, linen, and cashmere for depth.

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Wearing The Right Lengths

In general, the most flattering hemlines hit right at the knee or just below or above. Midi skirts with a slight A-line look chic and hide any imperfections on the lower half. Pair them with a belt to define your waist. For pants, a cropped ankle-length is both slimming and stylish. Avoid any hems that cut you off at the widest part of your calf or thigh, which can visibly add bulk.

Choosing Stretchy Fabrics

Look for pieces made of soft knits, jersey, and natural fibers with a bit of spandex or stretch. The flexibility will contour to your body for a sleek silhouette. Stretchy pieces are also more forgiving and allow you to size down. Focus on quality over quantity and invest in thicker, more luxe fabrics that hold their shape and hug curves in all the right places.

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Prioritizing A Good Fit

No matter how stylish the piece, it won't be slimming if it doesn't fit properly! Take the time to try clothes on and determine your accurate size. Seek out brands that cater specifically to women over 50 and size inclusively. Big box stores often vanity size, so you may have to go down a size or two. Invest in a few key wardrobe essentials that fit impeccably, rather than a closet full of ill-fitting items.

Finding The Right Undergarments

A good bra and shapewear make all the difference in how an outfit looks on your frame. Get professionally fitted for a bra in a lightweight fabric that offers lift and support without adding bulk. Shapewear or slimming undergarments can smooth problem spots, but avoid anything too compressing that squeezes you in and creates unflattering bulges. The best shapewear hugs subtlely for a trim silhouette.

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Opting For Tailoring

Don't be afraid to take pieces to the tailor! Even less expensive clothes can be elevated with slight adjustments to the cut and fit. For shirts, dresses and jackets, ask to have pieces taken in at the sides or waist for a contoured look. Shorten hemlines of pants and sleeves to better suit your proportions. You'd be amazed at what a difference subtle tweaks can make.

Choosing The Right Accessories

Fashionable accessories like a structured handbag, a long necklace, a chic scarf or a skinny belt are ace ways to put the finishing touch on any outfit. Oversized purses and bags tend to overwhelm a petite frame, while delicate jewelry and streamlined bags with short straps keep everything in proportion. Distract from areas you dislike by drawing the eye upwards with bold earrings and necklaces.

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Embracing Your Assets

Dressing to flatter your body type is not about hiding perceived flaws - it's about celebrating and enhancing your best assets! Play up your killer legs with a shorter hemline. Show off sculpted arms and shoulders with a sleeveless dress or fitted top. Lead with confidence and the rest will follow. Age gracefully by choosing pieces you feel absolutely beautiful wearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fabrics for over 50?

Look for soft, stretchy fabrics like jersey, knits, lightweight wools and natural fibers with spandex. They will hug your body in all the right places for a slimming effect. Avoid anything too stiff or structured.

Should I avoid prints and patterns?

Not necessarily! Opt for small prints and vertical stripes over loud prints or horizontal stripes, which can emphasize the wrong areas. Dark patterns on a neutral background also work well.

What are the best coat styles for women over 50?

A trench or wrap coat is universally flattering and helps define your waist. Mid-length styles ending at the knee or slightly below are also slimming. Look for belted styles to cinch in your waistline.

Should I accessorize?

Yes, accessories pull a look together! Statement necklaces, structured handbags, belts and delicate jewelry are chic touches. Just avoid oversized bags or bold accessories that overwhelm a petite frame.

What are the best shoes for over 50?

Focus on comfort and stability from brands with good arch support. Neutral heels 2-3 inches maximize height while being walkable. Pointy flats and loafers elongate the leg. Chunky styles can weigh you down, so aim for sleek over clunky.


Dressing stylishly and fashionably in your 50s is very achievable by following these universal tips for creating a slimming, flattering silhouette. Experiment with new shapes and styles but focus on fit and comfort. Lead with confidence, embrace your assets and stay open minded - the possibilities are endless for looking fabulous over 50!

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