Ugly Christmas Outfits For Couples

Ugly Christmas Outfits For Couples

Christmas is a time for celebration, family, and friends. It’s also a time for some truly ugly Christmas outfits. But don’t worry, ugly Christmas outfits are all in good fun. And when you’re wearing one with your partner, it’s even more fun.

Ugly Christmas outfits for couples are a great way to spread some holiday cheer. They show you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you want to have a good laugh with your loved ones. Wearing intentionally tacky and ridiculous outfits together shows you’re a team who likes to have fun.

In this article, we’ll go over some ideas for ugly Christmas outfits you and your partner can rock this holiday season. We’ll cover matching ugly sweaters, costumes, accessories, and more. We’ll also give tips on how to choose the perfect ugly outfit and where to shop for them. Let’s get started!

Matching Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Matching ugly Christmas sweaters are a classic idea for couples. You can find ugly sweaters covered in all kinds of gaudy Christmas designs. Some popular options include:

Sweaters with Christmas Characterscouple with cute dog in christmas pajamas at home at christmas

Choose sweaters plastered with characters like Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, snowmen or gingerbread men. Go for sweaters with felt character appliques or with characters knitted into the pattern.

Choose sweaters with Santa giving two thumbs up, a reindeer smiling cheekily or a snowman picking its nose for extra laughs. Having cartoon characters doing silly things adds humor and fun.

Make sure to choose sweaters with the characters in ridiculous designs, colors and patterns for full comedic effect.

Sweaters with Funny Christmas Sayings

You can find Christmas sweaters with all kinds of cheesy and corny holiday sayings. Choose matching sweaters with sayings like “Let’s Get Lit This Christmas,” “All I Want for Christmas is Food” or “Dear Santa, I Can Explain.”

Look for over-the-top font styles and colors to add to the tacky look. Having a sweater with a silly Christmas saying will get a laugh at any holiday gathering.

Sweaters with Christmas PunsChristmas sweater

Matching sweaters with a Christmas pun makes for a great tongue-in-cheek look. You can find sweaters with puns like “Oy to the World” and “Oh Deer, It’s Christmas.”

Search for puns that play on Christmas songs, movies or traditions for a clever, corny vibe. You and your partner will look clever and funny rocking sweaters with holiday wordplay.

Sweaters with Lights or Tinsel

For an extra festive look, choose sweaters decked out in Christmas lights or tinsel. You can find sweaters with lights stitched or safety-pinned on. Tinsel-covered sweaters offer a sparkly, over-the-top look.

Make sure the lights and tinsel are arranged in chaotic, asymmetric designs for maximum tackiness. You and your partner will shine bright in these gaudy, sparkling sweaters!

Intentionally Ugly Designs and ColorsChristmas Sweaters

Keep an eye out for sweaters intentionally designed to be ugly and outrageous. Look for chaotic, clashing patterns that assault the eyes like zigzags, polka dots, plaids and stripes.

Choose sweaters in colors like neon green, bright orange and hot pink for maximally garish looks. Having you and your partner match in eye-burning shades and patterns will get laughs all season long.

Christmas-Themed Costumes

Dressing up in a couple’s costume is a fun way to spread holiday cheer with your partner. Some ideas for Christmas costumes include:

Mr. and Mrs. Claus CostumesSanta Claus with Christmas tree and gifts

Dress like Santa and his wife with classic Mr. and Mrs. Claus costumes. Choose brightly colored costumes with extralarge padding to take the looks over-the-top.

Top it off with bushy white beards, elf ears and Santa hats for you and your partner. Handing out gag gifts while dressed up like Santa will make everyone chuckle.

Elf Costumes

You and your partner can dress as Santa’s goofy helpers in matching elf costumes. Look for green and red striped outfits with curled-toe elf shoes and pointy felt elf ears.

Carry around elf accessories like candy canes, present bags or Christmas cookies. Posing for photos with holiday treats will capture the silly spirit.

Reindeer CostumesHappy children decorate the Christmas tree

If you want a look that’s less expected, dress as Santa’s reindeer duo. Get costumes with brown fleece jumpsuits, hoods with plush antlers and red shiny pom pom noses.

Add jingle bell collars around your necks to complete the reindeer look. Prancing around and posing with your partner will spread big laughs.

Christmas Accessories

If full costumes seem like too much, you can create an ugly Christmas outfit using fun accessories. Festive accessories you and your partner can rock include:

Light-Up Accessories

Light-up accessories like glasses, headbands, necklaces and earrings make any outfit brighter and tackier. Look for oversize light-up glasses in holiday shapes like trees, snowflakes or candy canes.

Light-up headbands with reindeer antlers, Santa hats or mistletoe sprigs add a festive touch. Necklaces and earrings that flash multi-colored lights punch up any ensemble.

Novelty Ties and SocksHoliday decorations on the Christmas tree

Choose matching ties and socks covered in busy Christmas patterns. Look for ones decorated with snowmen, elves, trees, stockings or ornaments over loud plaid or zigzag designs.

Having you and your partner match in crazy Christmas neck and footwear makes any outfit more ridiculous. It shows off your silly side this holiday season.

Holiday Jewelry

Pile on flashy Christmas jewelry like holiday bead necklaces, shimmery pinecone earrings and jingle bell bracelets. Look for pieces in bright reds, greens and golds for a festive color scheme.

The more oversize and bright the pieces, the better to take your outfits to tacky new heights. Draping yourself in Christmas bling amps up any outfit.

Santa Hats and Reindeer AntlersHappy children decorate the Christmas tree

Top your outfits off with fun hats like Santa hats with white pom poms or fuzzy reindeer antlers on headbands. Look for glittery and sequined styles that make the accessories even more ostentatious.

Pose for pictures acting out reindeer or Santa Claus with your partner. The silly accessories let you get playful with your partner.

Tips for Choosing Ugly Christmas Outfits

Here are some top tips for choosing the perfect ugly Christmas outfits with your partner:

Go for Absurd and Exaggerated

Don’t hold back – pick items that are absurdly over-the-top. Look for pieces that are loud, glittery, tacky and downright hideous. The outfits should be exaggerated and ridiculous.

Mix and Match Patterns

Choose pieces with clashing, mismatched patterns for maximum chaos. Mix plaids, polka dots, stripes and more in eyesore color combos. The more chaotic the patterns, the better.Generation Z Friends Christmas photo booth

Pick Unflattering Silhouettes

Look for ill-fitting pieces like bulky sweaters, baggy pants or oddly-cut dresses. Unflattering silhouettes add to the outfits’ ugly factor.

Accessorize to the Max

Pile on silly novelty accessories like light-up glasses, fuzzy reindeer ears and jingle bell necklaces. Decorating yourselves from head to toe amps up the ridiculousness.New Year party

Coordinate Colors

Match colors like cherry red, forest green and bright white for cohesive (yet still ugly) looks. Use colors associated with Christmas for a themed vibe.

Get Creative and DIY

Add your own special touches by DIYing parts of the outfits. Sew on patches, bells, pom poms or tinsel to make pieces one-of-a-kind.Romantic young couple wrapped in decorative lights at christmas

Have Fun with It!

Most importantly, have fun choosing items you and your partner find humorous. Don’t take it too seriously – laugh at how outrageous the pieces are and take lots of pictures!

Where to Shop for Ugly Christmas Outfits

You can find all different kinds of delightfully ugly Christmas outfits both in stores and online. Here are some top places to shop:

Pop-Up Holiday Stores

Check out seasonal Halloween and Christmas stores that pop up around the holidays. They often carry ugly sweaters, silly accessories and costume pieces at affordable prices.Happy smiling couple shopping at Christmas street market, choosing gifts. Winter holidays, vacation, travel, purchase conception

Department Stores

Department store holiday sections will have ugly sweaters, novelty accessories and costumes. Stores like Macy’s, Target and Kohl’s have big seasonal selections.

Specialty Holiday Stores

Visit stores devoted to Christmas like Spencer’s, Christmas Tree Shops or Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. They offer ugly sweaters, accessories and decorations year-round.Portrait of joyful smiling blonde girl choosing gifts at Christmas market in evening time


Etsy sellers create unique, DIY ugly Christmas sweaters, accessories and costume pieces. You can find crafty, one-of-a-kind items.


Amazon carries a massive selection of ugly Christmas sweaters, costumes, novelty accessories, ties, socks and more. Items ship quickly with Prime.Online shopping mobile application icon

Thrift and Consignment Shops

Search thrift stores and consignment shops for secondhand sweaters, accessories and costume pieces. You can often score dirt cheap ugly finds.


Ugly Christmas outfits are a hilarious way to celebrate with your partner. Matching in intentionally absurd, exaggerated and outlandish outfits shows you don’t take the holidays too seriously.

Look for pieces like chaotic sweaters, cheesy costumes and tacky accessories. Choose items with messy patterns, ugly colors and unflattering silhouettes. Decorate yourselves from head to toe for maximum silliness.

Shop popular stores to find ugly Christmas outfit ideas. And get creative by adding your own ridiculous touches.

Wearing purposefully ugly outfits shows you and your partner are a fun team with a great sense of humor. Spend the holidays laughing together in outrageous style!