What Type Of Pants Go With Hoodie?

What Type Of Pants Go With Hoodie?

Hoodies are a comfortable, casual piece of clothing that can be paired with various types of pants. The type of pants you choose to wear with a hoodie depends largely on the overall look, feel, and formality you wish to achieve with your outfit. This article explores five types of pants that go well with hoodies for different occasions.


Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are arguably the most popular and versatile pants to wear with hoodies. Their casual styling makes them an easy match for laidback hoodies. You can choose relaxed-fit bootcut jeans for extra comfort or skinny jeans for a more streamlined silhouette. Dark wash jeans also look particularly sleek with hoodies.

To style a hoodie with jeans, opt for classic sneakers like Converse Chuck Taylors or Vans. You can also wear casual boots with hoodies and jeans outfits, such as Timberlands or combat boots. Accessorize with beanies, baseball caps, or oversized scarves for extra flair.Fashionable look with white empty hoody, jeans and white sneakers. Top view of white blank hoody with long sleeves over gray bed linen. Mock up for hoody print design.

Black Jeans

Black jeans have a smarter, more polished look than blue jeans. Pair black jeans with a hoodie in gray, black, or heathered tones for an edgy look. Black skinny jeans and hoodies have serious streetwear appeal. But black bootcut or straight leg jeans also complement oversized hoodies well.

Finish the outfit with white sneakers or leather ankle boots. You can also add touches like a statement belt, silver jewelry, a crossbody bag, or bomber jacket. It creates a downtown cool aesthetic that’s still comfortable.


Cotton Joggers

Cotton joggers combine the comfort and laidback styling of sweatpants with a more tailored silhouette. That makes them ideal for wearing with hoodies for a sporty casual outfit. Cotton joggers come in varied colors and prints to complement hoodies.

Pair lighter gray or blush hoodies with black joggers for contrast. Or team printed hoodies with plain joggers to let the hoodie design pop as the focal point. Sneakers are the perfect shoe for completing a hoodie and joggers outfit.

Jersey Joggers

Jersey joggers have a soft, lightweight feel that works well with plush hoodie fabrics. They create a coordinated sporty loungewear look together. Jersey joggers often feature details like cuffed hems, side stripes, or mesh paneling.

You can play with texture contrasts by wearing jersey joggers with a fleece hoodie. Jersey joggers also suit hoodies with athletic inspirations. Finish with running shoes or clean white kicks for a laidback sporty aesthetic.

Cargo Pants

Loose Cargo Pants

The baggy silhouette of loose cargo pants balances out an oversized hoodie beautifully. Their utility vibe also complements laidback hoodie styling. Experiment with wearing the hoodie under or over the cargo pants.

Earth tone hoodies in shades like olive, sand and clay work well with khaki and stone cargo pants. Boost the casual workwear appeal with boots. Or keep it streetwear-inspired with fresh sneakers instead.Handsome young man walking in autumn park among cypresses trees.

Skinny Cargo Pants

For an edgier take, pair hoodies with skinny cargo pants. Their slim fit contrasts with the hoodie’s looseness for visual interest. Skinny cargos bring punky utility details like flap pockets, drawcords and zippers.

Stick to monochrome with black hoodies and black skinny cargos for urban edge. Or balance bright hoodies with classic khaki skinny cargos. Military boots make the perfect finishing touch for this rebellious look.


Khaki Chinos

Khaki chinos have a preppy vibe that creates an interesting contrast to a hoodie’s casual nature. The look borders on smart casual, making it perfect for laidback events and gatherings. For university students, it’s an easy way to look put-together for class.

Pair loose straight leg chinos with a fitted hoodie in a dark neutral or pastel shade. Add white leather sneakers to keep the vibe casual. You can also swap the hoodie for a smart collared shirt for more formality.

Colored Chinos

Colored chinos like burgundy, mustard or forest green lend a more alternative edge to preppy chinos. They have the same tailored aesthetic to balance a hoodie’s sporty shape. But the rich color gives them a quirkier, creative vibe.

Team brightly colored chinos with dark or neutral-toned hoodies for an eye-catching contrast. Lean into the colorful creative aesthetic with high-top Converse sneakers or trendy boots. Statement socks and beanies make fun finishing accessories too.


Black Leggings

For women, slim black leggings make a chic pairing with an oversized hoodie. The leggings’ clingy fit contrasts with the hoodie’s loose drape for a flattering silhouette. From Lululemons to faux leather styles, black leggings suit casual to edgy hoodies.

Complete the outfit with chunky white sneakers or ankle boots. You can add a baseball cap for sporty flair or oversized sunnies for urban edge. The oversized hoodie helps balance legs exposed by shorts.White hoodie on a young woman, mockup. Lifestyle.

Colored Leggings

Leggings now come in almost every color and print imaginable. So have fun combining brightly colored or printed leggings with plainer hoodies. The leggings steal focus as the statement piece of the outfit.

Pair vibrant purple leggings with a heather gray hoodie for an energetic clashing look. Camo print leggings also complement inexpensive solid color hoodies well. Finish with sporty sneakers to tie together the activewear concept.


In summary, jeans, joggers, cargo pants, chinos and leggings all make excellent options for wearing with hoodies. Consider color, fit, styling and level of formality you wish to achieve. Sneakers or boots make great shoe pairings for most hoodie outfits. Finally, don’t forget small accessories like beanies, caps, belts and jewelry to polish off your look.