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Mastering the Art of Untucked Dress Shirts: From Relaxed to Sophisticated Ensembles

Last update: 2024-07-19

How to Choose the Best Formal Shirt

Wear a top that covers only your zipper. Check the length of your dress shirt's tails in the mirror. You don't need to be precise, but the hem shouldn't extend past the zipper's midpoint on your pants. Don't bother trying on the shirt again if it looks too long and baggy. Make sure the shirt isn't riding up in the middle.

When worn untucked, dress shirts should be shorter in length.

To find out how long your shirt is, raise your arms. Your shirt should not be worn untucked if raising it up displays your midriff.

Keep your straight-hemmed shirts out of your pants. Check to verify if the bottom of your shirt has a straight or curved hemline. Keep in mind that dress shirts with curved, irregular seams and obvious shirt tails are intended to be tucked into your slacks.

Dress shirts with shirt tails and curved hemlines are meant to be tucked into dress slacks and worn with jackets, blazers, or suits.

The bottoms of straight-hemmed shirts can be either square or rounded.

Man in white long-sleeved shirt, front and back with rounded bottoms looking isolated on white background

Dress shirts with loose collars are the way to go when going for a laid-back look. Check the firmness or pliability of your collar fabric by pinching a small area of it. Save the shirt for a formal occasion if the collar is stiff or the fabric is extremely sturdy. The shirt can be worn in a casual or semiformal setting if the collar is undone.

Ties, dress slacks, and suits look best when worn with button-down shirts that have a stiff, tight collar.

Choose well-fitting dress shirts if you want to project an air of authority. Check the fit around your back, shoulders, and midsection by trying on a few different pieces. If your shirt is too loose, you may seem sloppy, and if it's too tight, you may feel uncomfortable. Don't go around untucking your dress shirt if it doesn't fit well.

Using a sizing guide and some basic measures, you can make sure your items fit well. You can use this to find out what shirt size works best for your physique.

Think about how formal the occasion is before showing up with your shirt untucked. Think about the event's function to help you decide whether to dress formally or casually. Black-tie affairs require a tucked shirt, whereas going out for drinks or attending a low-key party call for an untucked top.

Be wary when selecting an ensemble. Keep your dress shirt tucked in if you aren't sure if the occasion is formal or casual.

the groom straightens his tie, man in a tie, The morning of the groom, bridegroom's fees, fiance in shirt, claret tie

In the absence of specific instructions to the contrary, you should probably tuck in your shirt at a wedding.

Putting Together a Casual Outfit

Roll up your sleeves to give off an air of casual readiness. If you want to wear your shirt untucked, there's no reason to bother with short sleeves. To make your shirt sleeves longer, simply turn back the cuffs. Roll your sleeves up on both sides in the same manner to keep your outfit looking polished and put together.

Choose a polo shirt or a short-sleeved dress shirt for warmer weather.

Wear a dress shirt over pants without tucking it in. Choose a flattering pair of jeans to relax in. Make sure the dress shirt doesn't go past the zipper's midpoint as you put the outfit together. Add a pair of shoes, formal or casual, to round off the look as you see fit.

You could, for instance, pair a dress shirt with a blue design with dark blue pants. Roll up your sleeves for a more relaxed style, or add a wristwatch for a more put-together feel.

A belt can be worn with a shirt that is not tucked in.

You can get some fresh air in by leaving the top two buttons undone. You don't have to button up your dress shirt completely if you're not wearing a tie or other neckwear. Instead, leave the top buttons undone even as you button everything else. Leave only the top button of the collar undone for a more polished look.

The top button being fastened can make clothing seem stiff and uncomfortable.

If you're going for a laid-back look, slip into some sneakers. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, get shoes that are flexible and supportive. If athletic shoes aren't your thing, try a pair of tennis shoes or something similar for comfort.

Wearing a short-sleeved dress shirt untucked with jeans and sneakers is one example.

White Sneaker on yellow background

Putting Together a Stylish Wardrobe

Dress chinos and a dress shirt up for a formal occasion. Choose a well-fitting pair of chinos or dress pants with a professional vibe rather than baggy jeans. Choose muted tones that won't draw too much attention to themselves, such deep green or beige, for use in a business atmosphere. Choose a short-sleeve dress shirt to wear untucked for a casually elegant look.

Belts, wristwatches, and aviator sunglasses are all great additions to this ensemble.

You could, for instance, pair a green pair of chinos with a blue button-down shirt and some sleek, neutral-toned desert boots.

Throw on a sweater and you'll instantly look more put together. Wearing a sweater over a dress shirt that is left untucked is a great way to stay warm in the winter. Choose a dress shirt that fits you well and doesn't go past the zipper halfway down your pants.

Stylish man wearing sunglasses and white shirt with sweater attached to his shoulder

Some people like to tuck their dress shirts inside their sweaters, but it's not a problem if the bottom of the shirt shows.

For instance, a dark green sweater layered over a white dress shirt is a great outfit idea. Wear them together with some trousers and some slip-on shoes like loafers.

Loafers, for instance, can look great with a pair of dark denim.

Keep your shirt tucked in when you wear a jacket or blazer. Untucked shirts are a casual and comfortable choice for social occasions and everyday use but should be avoided when dressing formally. Keep your shirt tucked inside your pants at all times whether donning a suit or blazer.

To keep warm, a casual coat or jacket is a better option.

When deciding how to wear a blazer, go with your gut. You can wear an untucked dress shirt with a jacket if the latter is only a casual accessory.

If you're going somewhere classy, slip into a pair of loafers. Find a pair of shoes that complement your attire without overpowering it when it comes to the finishing touches. Wear a pair of loafers with your untucked dress shirt to a party or social gathering for a casual yet put-together look.

You don't need to go all out with a pair of wingtips or patent leather dress shoes if you're going to be wearing an untucked shirt.

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