Unleash Your Inner Quarterback with These Game-Day Outfits

Unleash Your Inner Quarterback with These Game-Day Outfits

Dressing in Team Uniform

The decision is obvious. Wearing a jersey from your favorite (or any) football team is the quickest and easiest way to get dressed for a game. If you want to seem classic, wear jeans and coordinate your footwear with the rest of your outfit.

Choose an oversized fit and wear it as a dress (fasten the sleeves of a denim jacket at the waist to emphasize and define your profile, then swap your sneakers for boots) or tuck your top into a pleated skirt to spruce up the jersey or team sweater.

In the Key of Neutral

However, not all football fans watch or attend games. Maybe you’re looking forward to the pleasant company and tasty meals. No need to act like you care about a particular team if you don’t. Dress as you would for a usual autumn get-together, with jeans and a warm sweater.a young girl wearing blue jeans and warm sweater sitting on the grass

The Sweater or Cardigan with the Varsity V-Neck

The bleachers at Gossip Girl High School would give the Met steps a run for their money if the school had a football team. Imagine the women of Constance Billard all out in designer varsity sweaters, designer varsity sweatshirts, button-down collared shirts, pleated skirts, and quilted vests. The pinnacle of athletic preppiness is the varsity V-neck pullover or cardigan. They are great for dressing up your favorite pair of jeans for the game, but if you want to take your style to the next level, try a skirt with knee-high socks or play around with patterned or brightly colored pants.

A Flood of Flannel

Wearing flannel to a football game is a safe bet when trying to decide what to put on your body. Fans of outdoor activities in the fall often opt for this wardrobe staple, which can be worn in place of a jacket over a tee, under a vest, or as a belted waist item.

The Bomber Coat

a man with bomber jackets using smartphone near the wallBomber jackets are another piece of apparel commonly associated with football gear, similar to varsity sweaters. Bombers look more put together when worn over more casual tees (such solid-color options, cropped shirts, or shirts with simple, team-inspired motifs) as opposed to a jersey.

Whether you’re a fan of tight jeans or not, I think they look great with a chunkier bomber and either form-fitting bottoms or biker shorts. Keep your cool in sneakers, or ramp up your edginess in clunky combat boots.

Inventions in Outerwear

Although jackets and hoodies will always be acceptable attire for a football game (or any other athletic event), you shouldn’t limit yourself to just those two options. If you’re going to a game on a chilly afternoon, try layering a blazer over a sweatshirt. Throw a blanket scarf over your shoulders if the temperature is just slightly below perfect.

Many, Many Layers

Adapting your wardrobe to the day’s temperature is impossible without mastering the art of layering. This is especially true as we go towards the cooler months (football season runs from September to February, after all). The good news is that, with the correct accessories, this functional approach may also be rather stylish.

You can’t go wrong with a foundation of long-sleeved shirts and thermal pants. Choose denim bottoms, wear thick socks, and comfy boots. Warm up your upper body with a sweatshirt (team spirit optional) and a vest. Wearing an oversized jersey is the ultimate way to show your team spirit.

Oddball Extras

If you’re going with the tried-and-true uniform of a T-shirt and jeans, jazz up your look with some interesting accessories. Although bright coats, bold mittens, and eye-catching shoes are safe bets, don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new. Start by adding some fringe accents wherever you can, or bringing back your favorite bag or wristlet from the ’90s.

Stylish and comfortable athletic wear

Athleisure and loungewear have become popular options for those who want to look put-together while unwinding. Football games are long, and spectators often need to stand or sit for long periods of time to cheer on their teams or watch the action. For optimal coziness, wear something familiar, like joggers with a turtleneck or a sweatshirt and leggings.a girl with blue short sweater and black leggings practices exercise

Ditch the Blue Jeans

There is no hard and fast rule that states denim is required attire during athletic events. There is no dress code in place! It’s fine to wear a leather skirt, cigarette pants, a paper bag, or baggy pants. You may wear any top you like with any bottom you like, from sandals to over-the-knee boots.