• How Do You Transition Clothes From Winter To Spring?

How Do You Transition Clothes From Winter To Spring?

Last update: 2024-05-05

As the weather begins to warm up in spring, it's time to transition your wardrobe from the cold-weather staples of winter to lighter layers for the warmer temperatures ahead. Making a successful shift between seasons can ensure you stay comfortable while still looking stylish. Follow these tips to smoothly change over your closet each spring.

Layer Lightly

Start with Versatile Basics

A great way to bridge the gap across seasons is to focus on versatile basics that work for both winter and spring. Pieces like lightweight sweaters, cardigans, flannel shirts and scarves can be worn alone or layered as needed.

Mix and Match

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Create flexible outfits by pairing your transitional winter pieces with new spring items. For example, wear a sweater over a short-sleeve T-shirt or leave a flannel shirt open over a tank top.

Adjust Layers as Needed

The key is to make sure your outfit can handle anything the unpredictable spring weather brings. Having different lightweight layers allows you to comfortably adjust your level of warmth and coverage.

Embrace Warmer Fabrics

Choose Breathable Materials

Say goodbye to heavy sweaters and hello to soft, breathable fabrics that bring the feeling of spring. Materials like lightweight cotton, linen and rayon keep you cool as temperatures climb.

Experiment with Brights and Patterns

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Spring is a perfect season to incorporate some color and playfulness into your clothing choices. Try tops, dresses and accessories in cheerful pastels, vivid brights and lively floral prints.

Select Multi-Functional Pieces

Opt for apparel that easily transitions from workdays to weekends, such as a crisp cotton sundress or a brightly colored cardigan to throw over casual separates.

Add Pops of Color


Scarves in vibrant jewel tones, fresh florals and punchy graphic prints provide eye-catching contrast against neutral basics. They instantly brighten up any spring look.


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A colorful new handbag is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to celebrates spring. Whether it's a sleek satchel or fringed crossbody bag, a bright bag feels fresh and fun.


Step into the new season with colorful shoes or sandals. From powdery pastels to bold brights, playful feet underscore that winter is over and warmer weather has arrived.

Accessorize Wisely


Goodbye winter beanies, hello wide-brim straw hats! Top off your spring ensembles with hats that keep sun off your face as the weather warms up.


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Swap out dark-tinted lenses for styles in light, luminous shades that evoke the colors of spring. Yellow, rose and pale blue are perfect for the season.


Delicate gold jewelry, natural stones and seasonal designs like flowers or feather allow you to accessorize your spring wardrobe without weighing it down.

Update Your Footwear


Give your feet a breath of fresh air after months in winter boots. Leather sandals, metallic slides and espadrilles epitomize the easygoing attitude of spring style.

Ballet Flats

Blue jeans, oversize knitted Gery sweater, beige suede loafers or flats lie on a white background.

Ballet flats provide a polished spring look while still being practical and comfortable. They come in myriad colors and patterns, injecting vibrant new hues into your wardrobe.


Loafers give off casual refinement when paired with midi skirts, slim trousers or dresses. Look for stitching, hardware and other decorative details that speak to spring.


Transitioning your wardrobe between winter and spring involves some strategic packing and unpacking. Focus on versatile essentials that bridge both seasons, then incorporate lighter layers in colors and fabrics that usher in spring. With a little advance planning, you can build ensembles perfect for unpredictable weather and emerging blue skies ahead!

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