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What to Wear to an Outdoor Party in Winter?

Last update: 2024-05-23

Winter outdoor parties can be so much fun, but figuring out what to wear can be tricky. While you'll want to bundle up against the cold, you also want an outfit that's stylish and lets you comfortably mingle and dance. Here are some tips on what to wear to an outdoor party in winter so you can stay cozy and look great.

Focus on Layers

The key to dressing for a winter outdoor party is layering. You want to be able to add or remove pieces as needed to stay comfortable as temperatures fluctuate. Start with thermal underwear as your base layer, which will keep you nice and toasty. For women, leggings and a long-sleeve thermal shirt work well. For guys, long thermal underwear bottoms and top are perfect.

Over your thermals, wear some stylish winter-weight trousers or jeans and a sweater. Choose a fairly lightweight sweater you can take off later if you get warm dancing. A turtleneck or mock neck sweater adds some elegance.

Fabulous brunette girl dancing in short pink faux fur coat in studio. Party and winter trends concept.

Next, make sure to bring a warm winter coat that covers your arms and hits at least mid-thigh. A parka, pea coat, or puffer jacket are all good options. You'll want a coat that's insulated yet stylish.

Having choices of layers gives you flexibility to adjust to the outdoors. You can take off your coat while dancing, then quickly throw it back on when you go back outside. The key is having breathable layers that wick moisture, so you don't get sweaty as temperatures fluctuate.

Choose Cozy Winter Accessories

The right accessories can make or break your winter party look. Hats, scarves, and gloves will not only keep you warm but also add style.

Look for a warm winter hat in a natural material like wool, cashmere, or fur. A knit beanie is good for casual parties, while a furry Russian-style hat or earmuffs add elegance for more formal events.

Scarves should be made of a cozy material like cashmere or alpaca wool. Look for one in a fun winter color or print. Wrap your scarf snugly around your neck before heading out into the cold.

Leather or wool-lined gloves will keep your hands toasty without sacrificing style. If you need dexterity to eat or drink, wear fingerless gloves or mittens you can remove easily. Hand warmers are also handy for keeping hands warm in frigid temps.

Choose Practical Yet Fashionable Footwear

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Your footwear needs to be functional for tromping around in the snow and cold but also on-trend. The best bet is a warm, waterproof winter boot. Choose boots that are properly insulated and have good traction on the soles. Look for lug soles or even ice cleats if it's icy.

Fashionable options include leather riding boots, snow boots, or fur-lined boots. Be sure to break them in before the party so they're comfy.

If you want to wear dressier shoes or heels, make sure to bring booties or galoshes to change into so your shoes don't get ruined in the snow. You can even pack an extra pair of socks or foot warmers in case your feet get cold.

Don't Forget the Extras

To make your winter party outfit complete, don't forget some key extras:

Outdoor portrait of young beautiful fashionable woman wearing stylish white winter puffer coat, holding leather tote bag, sunglasses. Model posing in street of european city. Female fashion concept
  • Handbag: Choose a roomy handbag that fits essentials like your phone, lip balm, small brush, and cash. Look for one with an adjustable strap to go crossbody, keeping your hands free.
  • Coat check tag: Securely attach a coat check tag to your coat so you don't lose it.
  • Phone charger: In case your phone dies, bring a portable phone charger in your bag.
  • Hand warmers: Throw a couple of hand warmers in your bag or coat pockets for when your hands get really cold.
  • Lip balm: Keep lips hydrated with a moisturizing lip balm with SPF. Menthol lip balms feel cooling.
  • Umbrella: Tuck a small folding umbrella into your bag in case of snow or rain.


Dressing for a winter outdoor party requires smart layering and cold-weather accessories. With the right thermals, sweater, coat, hat, gloves, boots, and extras like hand warmers and lip balm, you'll stay cozy and look stylish no matter how chilly it gets. The key is having versatility to add or remove layers as needed. With these tips on what to wear to an outdoor party in winter, you can focus on having fun and not freezing.

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