How To Look Cool In Middle School For Boys?

How To Look Cool In Middle School For Boys?

Looking cool in middle school can seem like a big deal. As you transition from a little kid into a young adult, you want to establish your own style and identity. While looking cool often means standing out from the crowd, the most important thing is being comfortable in your own skin. Here are some tips to help you look cool in middle school without trying too hard.

Dress For Your Body Type

One of the keys to looking cool is wearing clothes that fit you properly. Baggy clothes might seem cool, but clothes that are too big can hide your natural frame. Try to find well-fitting t-shirts, jeans, and jackets that complement your body type. Focus on clean lines and versatile basics in neutral colors like black, white, and gray.Hispanic teenager wearing student backpack and holding books with a happy and cool smile on face. lucky person.

Layering shirts, jackets, and accessories like hats and sunglasses can add visual interest. Try pairing a graphic t-shirt with an unbuttoned flannel shirt and jeans. Finish the look with a beanie when it’s cold out. Pay attention to what the popular and fashionable guys at your school are wearing for inspiration.

Find A Signature Scent

Adding a signature scent can give your cool factor a boost. In middle school, start with body sprays or subtle colognne. Spray it lightly on your wrists and neck. Ask your parents to help you pick something age-appropriate that fits your personality. A scent can leave a memorable impression.

Practice Good Hygiene

One of the most important parts of looking cool is practicing good hygiene. No amount of nice clothes can cover up poor hygiene habits. Showering, brushing your teeth, washing your face, applying deodorant, and styling your hair will instantly make you look more polished.Smiling handsome teen boy 16-17 year old wearing denim jacket and knit hat over city background close up. Teenagerhood.

If you struggle with acne, ask your parents to help you find skin care products that can help. Establishing healthy hygiene routines in middle school will benefit you for years to come.

Style Your Hair

Your hair is one of the first things people notice, so styling it is key. Work with your hair’s natural texture and thickness. Ask your parents to help you find the right hair products like gel, pomade, or spray to achieve the look you want.

Some popular hairstyles for middle school guys include the quiff, crew cut, faux hawk, comb over, and spiky hair. Don’t be afraid to visit the salon or barbershop regularly to keep your hairstyle fresh. Taking care of your hair goes a long way.

Be Confident In Your Interests

Being unapologetically yourself is ultimately what makes you cool. If you’re confident in expressing your unique interests and personality, others will see that. Don’t hide the things that make you, you – whether it’s gaming, playing sports, reading comics, or collecting sneakers.Multicultural group of young friends bonding outdoors and having fun - Stylish cool teens gathering at urban skate park

Talk passionately about your hobbies. Start a club or after school activity around one of them to meet people with common interests. Having real interests gives you more substance.

Keep Up With Trends (But Make Them Your Own)

While totally following trends isn’t usually the epitome of cool, it helps to incorporate some modern styles. Check out teen magazines and stores to get an idea of current fashions. Then put your own spin on the trends to stand out.

For example, skinny jeans have been popular for years. Buy a pair, but opt for a unique wash like black or gray instead of regular blue. Pair them with a vintage rock band tee and a casual blazer for a look that’s both trendy and distinctive.

Customizing pieces with things like pins, patches, and embroidery can also make a trend feel more personal. Make trends work for your taste.

Perfect Posture

How you carry yourself impacts how cool you look. Standing up straight with shoulders back and head high radiates confidence. Practicing good posture makes you look self-assured.Handsome man in green hoodie isolated on gray background

Avoid slouching or hunching when standing or sitting. It’s all about alignment from your ears to shoulders to hips. Having good posture conveys confidence in yourself.

Associate Yourself With Other Cool People

They say you are the company you keep. Surrounding yourself with laidback, friendly people can in turn make you seem cooler. Find classmates who are into similar things or have a chill vibe.

Avoid trying to impress or cling to people you think are cool. Just be open to making new authentic friends with positive energy. You may find your people and your confidence blossoms.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Ultimately, coolness comes from within. Feeling good about yourself and exuding positive energy draws people in. If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, or depression, reach out to an adult for help. Taking care of your mental health will help boost your self-esteem.Diverse happy school kids using laptop computer together in classroom. Multicultural children junior students classmates learning online elementary education program class gathered at desk.

When you take time for self-care, you’ll feel better prepared to face new social situations. Find healthy ways to cope when life feels challenging. Your mental health is just as important as your appearance.


Q: What are some stylish shoes to wear in middle school?

A: Sneakers like Vans, Converse, Nike, and Adidas will always be in style. Boots like Doc Martens or Timberlands add edge. Simple leather loafers or slip on Vans are polished options too.

Q: Should I wear shorts in middle school?

A: Yes, shorts can definitely work if they are an appropriate length. Go for shorts that end just above the knee in flat front or cargo styles. Wear them with t-shirts, polos, or button downs.

Q: What kind of backpack is cool for middle school?

A: Backpacks with a modern, minimalist look are trendy, like ones by Herschel or Fjallraven. Go for solid colors or subtle patterns. A leather backpack also looks put together. Just avoid childish cartoons or sequins.

Q: How do I look cool in middle school pictures?

A: Have a couple go-to poses or facial expressions ready when taking pictures. The classic peace sign works. Smiling and wearing your nicest outfit helps too. Practice in the mirror to see what flatters you most.

Q: Should I wear cologne to middle school?

A: One spritz of a light, subtle cologne can work in middle school. Just don’t overdo it. Woodsy and sporty scents are safe options. Apply right after showering and let the scent fade throughout the day.


Looking cool in middle school is not about following trends, but rather finding your own personal style and owning it with confidence. It’s important to take care of yourself, feel confident, and be genuine. Experiment with different styles to find what flatters your body type and personality. Remember that trends come and go, but your sense of self lasts a lifetime. Define what “cool” means to you and embrace it.