How To Wear A Flannel Shirt For Men

How To Wear A Flannel Shirt For Men

Every man should have at least one flannel in his closet, since it is the epitome of cool, comfortable, and stylish clothing. Every man should own at least one flannel shirt because of how versatile and stylish it is. Flannels are great men’s casual shirts since they go with just about anything: jeans, chinos, t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, shoes, boots, and more.

Whether you’re planning on spending time in the great outdoors or hanging out with pals in the city, there are a number of flannel-based outfit combinations to consider. Given the wide variety of options in terms of color and pattern, it’s important to know how to properly accessorize a flannel to achieve the ideal effect. If you want to learn how to wear a flannel shirt like a pro, this article will provide you the inspiration and advice you need to pull it off.

Putting Flannel Shirts in Context

Men’s flannel shirts are often made from wool or cotton and have a nice woven texture. Most flannel shirts have a plaid or checkered pattern, but the fabric may be used for a variety of other styles as well. Plaid refers to the design, whereas flannel refers to the fabric; this is the key difference between the two.Handsome student in flannel shirt working on laptop in a room with loft interior.

Historically, flannel was a staple of countrywear, worn by everyone from farmers to lumberjacks. As the fabric and its edgy design became synonymous with grunge fashion and bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, flannel shirts gained greater popularity.

Since then, flannels have become a standard item in most men’s closets. If you’re looking for a top that can be worn with anything and still look great, look no further than the flannel shirt.

Flannels, either solid or checkered

Checked flannel shirts are more popular among males than their solid counterparts. Whether you choose for a solid or checkered plaid shirt depends on your taste, the occasion, and the overall vibe you want to convey. A solid flannel can be dressed up to produce an exquisite, smart-casual look, while a checkered one can give off a more relaxed and informal vibe (it’s also known as a plaid shirt).

Shirts with checks are more attention-grabbing than those with pure colors. If you choose a checkered flannel, wear it with neutral accessories to avoid any unflattering contrasts. If you choose a solid flannel, though, you can make a more understated fashion statement.

Flannel Shirt Fashion

Throw on a flannel shirt if you want to seem rugged and ready for the great outdoors. You can wear this flexible fabric while doing anything from cutting wood to raking leaves. Whether you’re going for coffee, breakfast, a stroll in the park, or just lounging around the house, a flannel shirt is the ideal choice. You may dress up a flannel shirt by choosing a solid color and wearing it to the office or on a date. Discover the many ways you may wear a flannel shirt, from relaxed looks to more put-together casual looks.

Laid-back Clothes to Wear with Flannel

Flannel shirts are the epitome of laid-back elegance since they can be worn anywhere and with anything. The best outfit for a laid-back day consists of a flannel shirt, jeans or khaki chinos, and sneakers. Layering is easy with a flannel shirt. Wearing a white shirt under your flannel in the summer is a classic way to add flair and contrast colors while staying cool. If you want to stay dry and comfortable all day, an undershirt is your best bet.

Wear a jacket over the flannel in the fall and winter, or layer a sweatshirt underneath. When it gets cold, putting on a flannel shirt over a sweatshirt is a great idea. To avoid seeming sloppy and unpleasant, a flannel shirt should not be worn with sweatpants.young man wearing jacket cover flannel shirt on white background

The informal air of flannel doesn’t mean you can’t make a chic fashion statement by pairing it with other items. You can pair a red flannel with blue jeans, but a darker shirt color calls for black or grey denim.

Boots in shades of brown, tan, or black are the footwear of choice. Walking about the city with sneakers or tennis shoes is a great idea. Lace-up combat boots are the ultimate statement shoe for a grunge-inspired outfit. Wear non-athletic sneakers that go nicely with the rest of your outfit with your flannel shirt for a stylish yet relaxed look.

Casually Chic Ways to Pair Your Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are not appropriate attire for formal events, but they are perfect for more relaxed occasions like a fancy dinner, business party, or even a casual wedding. Dress up your flannel shirt for a more put-together casual look by wearing it with high-quality chinos, trousers, boots, or dress shoes.

For a more put-together casual event, a buttoned-up flannel shirt is preferable to an open one. Instead, for a more put-together look, pair your flannel shirt with a jacket and tie. Select derby or oxford shoes to top off your outfit for an exquisite contrast to the roughness of the flannel.

Traditional Red Flannel

A man wearing a red flannel shirt sitting on grass at a parkThe red checkered flannel is a popular choice among men’s flannel shirts. If you want the adaptability and widespread appeal of red flannel, but not its monotony, go for a checkered pattern instead. It’s not hard to find something to wear with a red checked flannels because they’re typically woven with black or primary colors like blue and deep golden yellow. Wear a black t-shirt underneath your red flannel, skinny black or blue denim trousers, and sneakers or boots. If you want to look laid-back, leave your shirt unbuttoned; if you want to flirt, button it up but leave the collar open; and if you want to look put-together, button it all the way and throw on a jacket.

You can’t go wrong with black and red checkered flannel and a pair of black trousers. You can pair your favorite pair of light jeans with a solid rusty red flannel if you like. Since red flannel is more eye-catching than other choices, it’s best to pair it with understated accessories like black work boots or sneakers and stacked black leather bracelets and necklaces.

Conventional Black Flannel

Wearing all black flannel will give you an edgy and fashionable appearance. The black flannel shirt is reminiscent of the grunge style of the 1990s, much like its red-checked counterpart. The classic black and white color scheme complements any wardrobe. But if you want to stand out, choose a black flannel with varying grey tones woven into the fabric.

Rare as it may be, black flannel may be worn year-round for smart casual events without giving off a Western sense. Feel free to play around with this adaptable shade, but remember that a black flannel shirt, black or grey narrow jeans, and combat boots are always in style.

This Tough Green Flannel

Green flannel clothing has become popular because it is easily recognizable as part of the rural or lumberjack style. If you’re a bearded man trying to step up your style game, a green flannel shirt is a great choice. Wear dark colors like blue, black, or dark grey with your green flannel for a stylish look. When paired with white, darker greens like olive and forest green make a more subtle fashion statement.

For a laid-back, hipster look, wear your favorite pair of blue jeans with a green flannel shirt and brown lace-up boots, such as Timberlands. Keep the casual vibe of your green flannel intact by wearing it unbuttoned over a white shirt, black pants, and white sneakers.

White Flannel, Airy and Light

torso of man wearing flannel in autumnWear a white flannel on warmer days in the spring and summer. For warmer weather, just roll up the sleeves or go with a short-sleeved flannel shirt. It’s easier to mix and match colors when you’re wearing a white flannel shirt, like the light blue, grey, red, brown, and dark orange shown here.

A black and white checkered flannel shirt with a white shirt underneath adds a creative flair. When wearing a blouse in a pastel shade, it’s best to complement it with accessories in a muted hue. Put up a classic look with a white flannel shirt, some light blue jeans, and some tan khakis.

Functional Grey Flannel

Grey flannel clothing can be dressed up or down to suit the wearer’s whims. A shirt with a checkered pattern in grey and black is edgy and modern. Next to black, solid grey flannels are the most versatile addition to your smart casual wardrobe.

Grey flannels look sophisticated and put-together when worn with other neutral colors like white, beige, brown, and black. While there are options with checks, a solid grey top is favored because it works with any color of pants, footwear, and accessories. You should have a grey flannel shirt in your closet.

Flannel Shirt, Brown, Subtle

Brown flannels aren’t the most fashionable, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of praise. Brown’s ability to pair well with a wide range of colors makes it a great choice for putting together warm and inviting autumn outfits.

Brown flannel is a terrific addition to your wardrobe, even if you don’t see many people wearing it anywhere outside the great outdoors or at home. You can’t go wrong with a pair of medium blue jeans or some brown pants and a brown flannel shirt. Brown leather accessories, such as wrap bands, can give your outfit a classic finishing touch.

How to Wear a Flannel Shirt in a Variety of Ways

Most men choose to pair jeans with a flannel shirt for a casual and stylish look. The outfit is adaptable and works well with any shade of plaid shirt or denim. Optionally wear your flannel with short or long sleeves. Depending on the temperature, some men might pair a flannel shirt with jeans and wear sneakers or boots. If you want to stand out from the crowd while still looking rough, a plaid flannel is a better choice than a plain t-shirt.

Adding a Shirt to a Flannel Shirt Layer

A handsome calm young man in a flannel plaid shirt against a brick wall. Youth fashion. People and emotions.Wearing a shirt under a flannel is a popular style choice. A white tee and an open flannel shirt are the foundation of the ideal version of this outfit. However, you are free to wear any color shirt under your flannel as long as the two colors do not clash. Your personal color preference should guide your selection of pants and footwear. You can’t go wrong with a red flannel and a pair of blue jeans or khaki chino trousers, a blue shirt and a pair of light blue jeans, or a black flannel and a pair of black jeans.

Combining Flannel with a Hoodie

You can wear a hoodie or sweater under your flannel if the colors are harmonious and the flannel is a larger size. Over a grey hoodie or white sweatshirt, for instance, a red and white or blue and black flannel shirt would look great. To achieve this style, you’ll need a looser-fitting hoodie or sweater and a looser-fitting, but still substantial, flannel. Wear joggers with tennis shoes, chino pants with sneakers, or jeans with sneakers to pull off this look. This ensemble will look fantastic if the colors complement one other and you’re okay with dressing casually.

Layering a Shirt and Sweater

You can wear a jacket over your flannel, but it needs to go with the rest of your outfit. The best jackets will highlight the informal silhouette of your flannel, while other people like to wear a leather jacket to take their outfit to the next level. A jacket provides an extra layer of warmth without restricting your movement like a hoodie or sweater might.

Wearing Shorts with a Flannel Shirt

Handsome stylish bearded hipster sitting on a table in a room with a loft interior.It’s possible that the best summertime attire consists of a flannel shirt and shorts. Extreme heat calls for a sleeveless checkered flannel top, chino shorts, and white sneakers. Short-sleeved flannels can be purchased, or the sleeves of a regular flannel can be rolled up. Cargo shorts and other stylish walkshorts are okay for a sophisticated appearance, but athletic wear is not. Sneakers or loafers in neutral colors like white, black, or brown are a safe bet.

Style Advice For Your Flannel Shirt

  • Whether you should wear a checkered or solid flannel shirt is a matter of taste and context.
  • Choose from time-honored hues for your shirt, such as red, black, white, brown, grey, and green.
  • Wearing a combination of simple colors and prints can create a balanced look.
  • Put on a t-shirt under your flannel and match it with some jeans, sneakers, or boots for a laid-back, casual style.
  • Put your flannel shirt to good use by dressing it up with chinos, a leather belt, and Timberlands or Chelsea boots for a classy casual look.