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How to Style a Hawaiian Shirt as a Girl

Last update: 2024-07-16

Hawaiian shirts, sometimes called aloha shirts, are known for their bold prints and casual style. While historically worn by men, Hawaiian shirts can also look great on women. The key is choosing complementary pieces that work with the aloha shirt's aesthetic. Here's how girls can style Hawaiian shirts in chic, on-trend ways.

Picking the Right Hawaiian Shirt

Not all Hawaiian shirts are created equal when it comes to women's styling. Look for a shirt in a feminine print or color palette. Floral, botanical, and abstract prints tend to look more girly. Soft shades like pink, mint, and lilac also read as more feminine. The fit of the shirt matters too. Seek out a tailored women's cut rather than an oversized men's shirt. The more fitted it is, the more flattering it will be. A cropped length can also look cute and on-trend.

Happy couples have fun running on Hawaiian beach vacations in Hawaiian clothes wearing Aloha shirts and pink sarong sun dresses and floral leis for the traditional wedding or honeymoon concept.

Pair with Denim Bottoms

One of the easiest ways to wear a Hawaiian shirt is by pairing it with denim bottoms. This creates balance between the bold aloha shirt up top and grounded denim on bottom. For girls, opt for classic denim cutoffs, skinny jeans, or a frayed denim skirt. Cuffing the hem of the jeans or fraying the shorts' edge adds a laidback vibe that works well with a Hawaiian shirt. Avoid heavily distressed denim, which can look too casual. Dark washes also complement the bright colors of the Hawaiian shirt.

Add Feminine Shoes

Don't forget the shoes! Footwear can make or break a Hawaiian shirt outfit. Girly sandals like flatforms, wedges, or strappy heels balance the masculinity of the Hawaiian shirt. Neutral leather or suede block heels also work well. For a casual daytime look, try slip-on sneakers or espadrille flats. Just avoid bulky sport shoes like chunky dad sneakers. Delicate footwear ensures the outfit remains feminine and chic.

Tuck in the Hawaiian Shirt

For a tailored look, tuck the Hawaiian shirt into the bottoms. This defines the waist and flatters the figure. It also neatly brings together the shirt and pants or skirt. When pairing with high-waisted shorts or jeans, be sure to tuck the shirt all the way in. If wearing a midi or maxi skirt, you can do just a front tuck. Tucking in the Hawaiian shirt makes the outfit look crisp and complete.

The model walks along the observation deck against the background of rocks in sunny weather. The girl is dressed like a tourist: sunglasses, blue shorts, a T-shirt and a Hawaiian shirt

Add Layers Up Top

Hawaiian shirts have a casual, beachy vibe on their own. For a more polished look, add layers on top. A neutral tank or bodysuit underneath contours the body. Layer sheer cardigans or kimonos on top for coverage. Blazers, leather jackets, and jean jackets also complement Hawaiian shirts nicely. These layers balance the loudness of the Hawaiian print. They create visual interest and textures.

Use the Right Accessories

Accessories help tie Hawaiian shirts into complete outfits. Jewelry like layered dainty necklaces, hoop earrings, and stackable bracelets feminize the look. Straw bags, circle bags, and rattan totes match the tropical vibe. For nights out, an envelope or clutch bag looks chic. Hair scarves, bandanas, and headwraps also work with Hawaiian shirts. Just avoid bulky belts or competing prints. The Hawaiian shirt should take center stage.

Style for Day vs. Night

Daytime Hawaiian shirt outfits can be more casual and relaxed. Shorts, tanks, slip-on sneakers, and crossbody bags work for day. At night, make it dressier with wedges, skinny jeans, kimonos, and clutch purses. The aloha shirt easily transitions from day drinks to dinner out. Just swap sandals for heels and add some jewelry. Showing versatility, girls can wear Hawaiian shirts for both casual and dressy occasions.

Asian women standing on pier wooden bridge at Ao Pra beach, Koh Mak island, Trat, Thailand

With the right styling pieces, Hawaiian shirts can be so chic and feminine on girls. The keyword is balance - pairing the bold Hawaiian print with more delicate fabrics, shoes, and accessories. The aloha shirt takes center stage, while other elements create harmony and flow. From denim cutoffs to flirty dresses, there are endless ways for girls to rock Hawaiian shirts in warm weather.

5 FAQs about Styling Hawaiian Shirts for Girls

1. What colors and prints work best for girls?

Floral, botanical, and abstract prints in pinks, purples, and other soft colors have the most feminine vibe. Stay away from loud neon prints or generic palm tree designs.

2. Should girls buy a men's or women's Hawaiian shirt?

Look for a women's Hawaiian shirt, which will have a more fitted, cropped cut. If wearing a men's shirt, size down for a more tailored look.

3. What shirt should you wear under a Hawaiian shirt?

A neutral tank or fitted bodysuit tucks nicely into shorts or pants. Sheer kimonos and cardigans also complement Hawaiian shirts without taking away from the print.

4. What shoes pair best with Hawaiian shirts?

Feminine sandals, strappy heels, wedges, flats, and sleek sneakers balance the shirt's masculine edge. Avoid sporty chunky dad sneakers.

5. How do you style a Hawaiian shirt for night vs. day?

Daytime, wear with shorts, tanks, sandals, and crossbody bags. Nighttime, pair with heels, skinny jeans, clutches for a dressier vibe. Add jewelry at night too.


With some stylish know-how, girls can totally rock Hawaiian shirts. The trick is finding a great print with feminine hues. Then build balanced outfits with denim, delicate shoes, and accessories. Hawaiian shirts allow girls to express their bold, adventurous side. From the beach to the bar, aloha shirts can work for so many fun, summer occasions. With the right complementary pieces, ladies can stay comfy while also looking incredibly chic in a Hawaiian shirt.

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