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Mastering Men's Style: A Guide to Dressing Well

Last update: 2024-05-02

It takes more than just having the correct clothes to qualify as a well-dressed man. The art of dressing well entails more than just picking out nice clothes and wearing them; it also includes knowing how to put together fashionable outfits and accessorizing them well. Finding your size, spending money on well-made pieces, dipping your toe into new trends while sticking mostly to tried-and-true classics, and knowing when to dress up or down are all part of mastering the art of dressing well.

Every man needs a trustworthy wardrobe that allows him to freely express himself. Men's fashion can range from the casual (thin jeans, a t-shirt, and boots) to the formal (black dress pants, a white button-down shirt, and a blazer). Men should follow a few universally accepted principles if they are serious about updating their wardrobe. We hope this guide will serve as a source of inspiration as you think of new ways to put together stylish outfits. Explore these suggestions for improving your look and exuding elegance, from shirts and pants to well-known labels and current fashions.

Creating Your Own Personality Flavor

Impeccable dress has different connotations for different guys. The same is true in reverse; what works for you may not work for someone else. Identifying your personal style is a crucial first step before you start picking out clothing. Examine men's fashion shows like Pitti Uomo in Florence and Men's Fashion Week in New York to figure out what you like. Check out urbanites on Pinterest, read men's fashion magazines, or just people-watch. Find the looks that speak to you and play around with them until you find your own unique sense of style and outfit ideas.

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Investing in Timeless Clothes

Icon of current fashion In Crazy, Stupid, Love, Ryan Gosling claims that a person can reconstruct their complete wardrobe with only 16 items, and he is correct. The beauty of men's style is that a small number of staple items may provide a wide range of options. Investing in classic pieces that will last forever is the best way to build a reliable wardrobe. You need a couple solid T-shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of chinos, and a few jumpers. Dress shirts, a tailored blue suit, and a classic blazer are essential for formal events. Several pairs of minimalist sneakers, a boot collection, and a pair of slick leather dress shoes will round out your outfit nicely.

Find the One That Suits You Best

The fit of a man's garments is of utmost importance. It is less important how the clothes look or feel than how well they fit. Fantastic pieces from well-known companies won't do you any favors if they don't fit properly. In order to find your ideal fit, you should try on a wide choice of pants and shirts in both straight and altered cuts. Figure out what looks good on your frame so you can feel confident in the clothes you wear. This, too, will help to define your personal style; some people like a traditional, looser cut, while others prefer a modern, more form-hugging silhouette.

Learn About Different Brands

In the same vein as locating your ideal size, learning which labels suit your taste will help you put together a well-balanced wardrobe. Find labels that suit your wardrobe needs on the whole without breaking the bank, and be aware of which labels of men's apparel are worth splurging on for quality that will last. Don't feel like you have to make a proclamation with your luxury purchase. Men's clothing is typically more expensive than women's because of higher quality fabrics, stronger construction, and more intricate embellishments; thus, invest in classic pieces that will last a lifetime.

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Get Your Clothes Tailored to Fit Your Body

Although suits are the most common article of apparel for which tailoring is requested, don't limit yourself to only those. Tailoring is a low-cost option for making clothing unique. Thrift stores are a great place to acquire timeless classics, but the modern fit you're looking for may require a trip to the tailor. The same is true for pants; even jeans usually need to be tailored to fit properly. Get to know a trustworthy tailor who can help you create an original wardrobe.

Dress Appropriately

Before deciding what to wear, it's important to check the event's dress code. A suit is usually necessary for formal events, and a navy suit is a safe bet. Tuxedos are the standard attire for formal evening events. Since formal occasions are so infrequent in modern life, renting a tuxedo may be more cost-effective than buying one. You can pull off both a business casual and a smart casual appearance with staples like chinos and Oxford-cloth button-down shirts. Make sure you prepare your attire to adhere to the dress code for the event.

Choose Classic Tops

Having a variety of classic shirts in your closet will make you well-prepared for any situation. Instead of a T-shirt, try a chambray or flannel shirt in navy for more casual events. Dress for semiformal events or the office in a white or powder blue Oxford-cloth button-down. When attending a formal event, it's best to wear a neutral-colored suit and a spread-collar shirt. French-collared shirts provide a touch of class but are normally reserved for more formal occasions, so make sure they fit in with your unique style.

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Dress shirts should be tailored such that they fit tightly without being too tight across the chest and shoulders and should not bulge out at the sides. A collection of well-fitted shirts that can be worn to a variety of occasions will help you seem polished at all times. Once you've got the basics down, branch out and see what's new in classics like the banded collar Oxford or the popover shirt. There are a wide variety of men's shirt designs, so you can find the right shirt for every outfit or event.

Get a nice blazer

Blazers are a great compromise between everyday and business dress. Blazers can bridge the gap between the two looks. You may dress up or dress down a blazer depending on your surroundings. Unlike suit jackets, blazers are meant to be worn with a variety of bottoms. Use a jacket, T-shirt, slim pants, and sneakers for a modern style, or go for the tried-and-true combination of dark jeans and a sweater for a traditional casual vibe. In the cooler months, wear your blazer over a turtleneck or a bulky fisherman's sweater. Dress up your blazer by wearing it with polished chinos, a button-down shirt, and oxford shoes. If you have a few well-made blazers, you can easily adapt your wardrobe to suit the occasion and the season.

Find Your Best Suit

Your first suit ought to be sturdy and appropriate for all formal occasions. It is commonly accepted that a high-quality navy suit is a good investment. A black suit is a safe bet, but a navy one has more options. Your first suit is an investment, so you should get one that has a classic cut, is made of high-quality fabrics, and is expertly tailored. Choose a traditional two-button jacket and single-break, slightly tapered pants. Make sure it fits your needs exactly by checking the fit.

Choose a pair of Quality Shoes

Spending on high-quality shoes is essential because they affect both the look and feel of your outfit. Picking appropriate shoes that are both practical and fashionable is a must. Invest in a pair of high-quality leather dress shoes, such as Oxfords, and a pair of white sneakers to go with virtually anything else in your closet. Chelsea boots and loafers are two trendy alternatives that work well for semiformal occasions. Browns, in a variety of tones from tan to stone, are easy to mix and match. Desert boots and blucher moccasins are two timeless options that work well with casual outfits but may also be incorporated into more dressy looks.

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Take Care of Your Shoes

It's important to take care of your shoes because they're an investment in your beauty and comfort. Discover how to maintain and polish your leather shoes to keep them looking great and prolong their lifespan. A shoe cleaning kit is a fantastic investment because it allows you to maintain the like-new appearance of your shoes on a monthly basis.

Accessorize to Highlight

The right accessories can make an outfit look a lot more put together. Pick out some fun accessories that can brighten up any outfit. An expensive watch and trendy shades are must-haves. Don't be afraid to have fun with your formalwear by experimenting with fun socks or a stylish pocket square. Try on a wide range of ties, from the traditional varsity stripe to chunky knits and even floral motifs, to find what you like best. Especially when wearing French cuffs, a pair of personalized cuff links can make a statement. There are countless opportunities to add a personal touch through the use of accessories.

Get Yourself a Classy Watch

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A watch is a great way to add polish to your look and draw attention to your overall ensemble. Explore numerous brands and designs of men's watches to find one that complements your own style and professional attire. Choose a chronometer on a NATO strap for a sporty, everyday look, or a dress watch with a leather band and simple face.

Make Sure Your Sunglasses Fit Your Face

Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes from the sun and add a stylish touch to any ensemble. Selecting sunglasses that properly fit your face shape is crucial. Explore many web tools to find out what face shape you have. Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes and styles to complement different face shapes. Selecting sunglasses that work well with your face shape is the first step before trying out other frames and lenses. Get a basic pair in a dark color like black, brown, or tortoiseshell before branching out into more daring styles.

Fasten Your Belt

Dress pants and casual trousers should both be tailored to your waist, but there are some men's pant types that are best worn with a belt. You should definitely use a belt with your suit pants or trousers if they have belt loops. Every man needs several well-made belts in his wardrobe. It's crucial to wear belts made of the same material as your shoes. If you have a beloved pair of chocolate brown Oxfords, for instance, a belt in the same shade would be a great complement. Belts are another way to express your individuality through your clothing, and not just with thin, formal belts that complement your shoes. When paired with jeans or chinos, a belt made from genuine leather only improves with time.

Keep Up Your Personal Hygiene

Clothing may get all the credit, but taking care of your hair and skin is just as crucial if not more so. To keep your face looking fresh and healthy, it's important to wash it and apply moisturizer every day. Use a retinol product regularly to improve the firmness and tone of your skin as you get older.

A trip to the barbershop for a new style in men's haircuts is also essential for maintaining a modern, put-together look. Shorter hair on the sides and back has become a popular trend in men's hairstyles, with longer hair on top. If you have short or medium hair, ask your barber for a fade or undercut to bring out your style.

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Another crucial factor is being aware of and controlling your fragrance. Choose a deodorant with a light, masculine scent that leaves you smelling fresh without being overbearing. Pair your deodorant with a dapper men's cologne for maximum impact.

How to Dress Well: Guidelines for Men's Fashion

To upgrade your closet, invest on timeless pieces like basic tees, jeans, and shoes.

Finding a suit that fits you perfectly is the key to looking and feeling great when you put it on.

Get a high-quality watch that fits your wrist and strikes a good mix between practicality and good looks.

Coordinate colors and patterns while maintaining a minimalist, neutral, and accessible aesthetic.

Spend the money on a pair of stylish, yet comfortable, dress shoes.

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