• Mean Girls Halloween Costume

Mean Girls Halloween Costume

Last update: 2024-05-05

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about your costume. One popular group costume idea is to dress up as the iconic clique from the movie Mean Girls. Whether you want to be one of the Plastics or a cool Mathlete, there are plenty of fun Mean Girls Halloween costume options to choose from. Keep reading for all the details on how to create your own fetch Mean Girls Halloween costume this year!

Deciding on Your Mean Girls Character Costume

When putting together a Mean Girls group costume, the first step is to decide which character you want to dress up as. Here are some of the most popular options:

Regina George

Halloween portriats

As the Queen Bee of the Plastics, Regina George is an obvious choice for Halloween. To dress like Regina, opt for a short pink dress or skirt paired with a white tank top. Accessorize with a black cardigan, pearl necklace, and heels. Style your hair in soft curls and add some dark makeup to channel your inner mean girl.

Cady Heron

Cady may have started out innocent, but she became cunning after joining the Plastics. For a Cady costume, wear a short jean skirt with a floral top or vest. You can also choose her iconic Halloween costume from the movie - a pink bunny costume paired with ripped fishnets and heels.

Karen Smith

Young woman holding a tennis racquet

Karen is best known for thinking her psychic ESP predicts the weather. For her look, wear a short white tennis skirt with a pink polo shirt. Carry around a white handbag and add some bright makeup. Dumb blonde wig optional!

Gretchen Wieners

Gretchen’s claim to fame is “that’s so fetch!" To dress like Gretchen, pair a patterned dress with a black cardigan and tights. Put your hair in two braids and don’t forget to take your gold hoop earrings.

No matter which character you pick, a Mean Girls group costume is sure to be totally fetch! Now let’s get into some costume ideas and tips.

Creating Your Mean Girls Halloween Costume

Once you’ve decided on your Mean Girls character, it’s time to put together your costume. Here are some ideas for creating or buying your outfit:

Mysterious Halloween witch costume for little one. Overhead photo of little boots, hat, enchanted wand, festive goggles, candy corn, pumpkins, ghostly spiders, web, pastel lilac setting with text area

  • Shop your own closet first for anything you can reuse. Pink dresses, skirts, and tops were very popular in the early 2000s and may already be in your wardrobe.
  • Check out local thrift stores and secondhand shops to find perfect items on a budget.
  • Look on Etsy for custom-made Mean Girls accessories like jewelry and bags.
  • Order a pre-made costume online. Many popular costumes like Regina's pink outfit are available on Amazon and other retailers.
  • DIY your costume using clothing and accessories you already own. Get creative combining pieces to make it fit your character’s style.
  • Spray paint, glitter, and other crafty touches can help customize cheaper costume pieces. Add your own flair!

The most important part is making sure your costume fits your character's personality and style. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own!

Mean Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

Besides the main Plastics characters, Mean Girls has even more fun costume ideas. Here are some creative concepts to consider:

Sugar skull makeup. Halloween party, traditional Mexican carnival, Santa Muerte. Beautiful young woman costume

  • Ms. Norbury - channel the infamous "cool mom" with a tracksuit, fanny pack, and messy updo.
  • Aaron Samuels - Cady’s crush. Wear a North Shore High hoodie or football uniform.
  • Kevin Gnapoor - Mathlete. Wear a calculator watch, tie, and geeky glasses.
  • Glen Coco - the popular athlete who gets 4 candy canes. Wear a letterman jacket with "G. Coco" on it.
  • The Girls in the "Jingle Bell Rock" Dance - wear red and green Christmas costumes with bells and Santa hats.
  • Zombie Bride in the Halloween Scene - a DIY costume with a white dress, bridal veil, and zombie makeup.

The options are endless for creative, fun Mean Girls costumes! Choose your favorite character or come up with your own unique idea.

Mean Girls Costume Ideas for Groups

The great thing about Mean Girls costumes is that they work perfectly for group costumes. Here are some fun ideas:

Image of sassy beautiful girl with pink wig and bright makeup, holding cute candle, celebrating halloween, standing over white background

  • The Plastics - dress up as Regina, Gretchen, Karen, and Cady from the lunchroom scene.
  • Mathletes Team - have your whole squad wear the blue North Shore High Mathletes shirts.
  • The Girls in the "Jingle Bell Rock" Dance - coordinate festive red, green, and white Christmas costumes.
  • North Shore High Students - dress in variations of the iconic North Shore tracksuits with your own character names.
  • Teachers and Staff - Ms. Norbury, Principal Duvall, Coach Carr, and more.

Come up with your own unique mashup, like zombies, superheroes, or rockstars - but make them totally fetch in pink! The options are limitless for a squad Mean Girls costume theme.

Makeup and Hair Ideas for Your Costume

Once your Mean Girls costume is complete, it’s time to perfect your makeup and hair. Here are some tips:

Pink-haired woman witch, in a hat on a white background, halloween costume. The girl points her finger to an empty spot. Halloween party

  • Wear light pink or nude eye shadow with lots of mascara to get the perfect sultry Mean Girls look.
  • Use lip gloss or light pink lipstick - matte liquid lipstick was hugely popular in the early 2000s.
  • Overpluck your brows or use glue sticks to achieve the thin, over-arched brow look.
  • Straighten your hair or add soft waves. Hair was worn with lots of volume on top.
  • Part your hair severely down the middle if doing Regina's costume.
  • Add hair extensions, bumpits, or crimping for more retro 2000s style.

Have fun channeling your inner Mean Girl! Nail the makeup and you’ll look totally fetch this Halloween.


Mean Girls make for one of the most fun and creative DIY costume ideas for Halloween 2023. Whether you go glam as Regina George or nerdy as a Mathlete, there are so many options to suit any personality or friend group's theme. Focus on nailing all the fabulous early 2000s fashion and makeup details from the movie to really embody your inner "mean girl." So grab your crew, pick your characters, and get ready to make this Halloween absolutely fetch!

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