What Is The Most Common Halloween Costume For Girls?

What Is The Most Common Halloween Costume For Girls?

Every October 31st, children across the world put on costumes and go trick-or-treating for Halloween. For many kids, choosing that perfect Halloween costume is one of the best parts of the holiday. When it comes to girls’ costumes, certain outfits seem to be more popular than others. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common Halloween costume choices for girls and why they continue to be Halloween favorites year after year.

Princess Costumes

Cute little actress. The young girl in the princess costume on the background of the stage and mirror.One of the most popular Halloween costumes for girls is dressing up as a beautiful princess. Princess costumes allow girls to transform into their favorite royal characters like Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Elsa from Frozen, and more. These glittering gowns let girls’ imaginations soar as they pretend to live in an enchanted castle or dance at a royal ball. Princess costumes are a top choice for girls because princesses represent magic, courage, and happy endings in so many classic children’s stories. Who wouldn’t want to be royalty for a day?

Witch Costumes

Photo of seductive tempting mystical woman wear sexy witch dress headwear holding broomstick isolated dark red color backgroundAnother Halloween favorite is the classic witch costume. From good witches like Glinda to spooky witches like the Wicked Witch of the West, magical witch costumes let girls channel their inner spell casters. These outfits feature iconic pointed hats, capes or robes, and sometimes a broomstick accessory. Witch costumes have remained popular over the years because they allow girls to tap into mystical make-believe and supernatural fun. Plus, their bold black and purple color schemes are perfect for Halloween.

Animal Costumes

Children with painted faces in rabbit and tiger costumes are hugging and smiling sweetly. The old new year meets the new one. Stage animal costumes.Fun animal costumes are also a common choice for girls on Halloween. Costumes featuring cats, dogs, bunnies, lions, tigers, pandas, and more anthropomorphic critters are cute and playful. These costumes often include headpieces or full-body jumpsuits to take on the persona of their furry friends. Animals are perennially popular for Halloween because kids love imitating creatures and their mannerisms. An animal costume lets girls step into the silliness and freedom of acting like a carefree puppy, sly fox, or roaring lion.

Superhero Costumes

Little girl plays superhero. Children on the background of sunset sky. Girl power conceptIn recent years, superhero costumes have become a major trend for girls’ Halloween attire. Superhero movies and shows featuring empowered female protagonists like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, and the Disney princesses from Ralph Breaks the Internet have made superhero costumes exciting for girls. Donning these bold, heroic costumes makes girls feel confident, strong, and ready to take on villains and save the day. Superhero costumes featuring flashy capes, masks, and iconic logos are a modern Halloween costume choice that girls are eager to wear.

FAQs About Girls’ Halloween Costumes

What are some good Halloween costume ideas for girls?

Some top Halloween costume ideas for girls include princesses, witches, animals, superheros, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, puppies, kittens, and popular characters from movies, TV shows, or video games.

What is the most popular Halloween costume for girls 2022?

For 2022, some of the most popular costumes for girls are Encanto’s Mirabel, Stranger Things characters like Eleven, Mia from Disney’s Turning Red, Harley Quinn, and classic choices like witch and princess costumes.

What should tween girls be for Halloween?

Great Halloween costume ideas for tween girls ages 8-12 include popstars, Descendants characters, zombie cheerleaders, 1980s aerobics outfits, nerds, Star Wars characters, and costumes inspired by musicals like Hamilton or Beetlejuice.

What are some cute DIY costume ideas for girls?

Cute DIY girls’ costume ideas include a ballerina, bumblebee, ladybug, unicorn, wild animal like a lion or panda, scarecrow, Statue of Liberty, ice cream cone, emoji, and tying colorful hair ribbons to make a rainbow or fairy costume.

Should adults wear costumes for Halloween?

Yes! Halloween is for everyone and adults can absolutely dress up in costumes. Fun costume ideas for adults include movie characters, punny outfits like “Netflix and Chill,” cosplay, revived fashions from past decades, and group costumes with family or friends. Getting into the Halloween spirit knows no age limit!


Part of the magic of Halloween is getting dressed up in a fun costume. For girls, princess gowns, witchy dresses, sweet animal outfits, and powerful superhero looks seem to never go out of style. Though trends come and go each year, these four costume types remain tried and true favorites for girls. Whether she imagines herself ruling over a fairy tale kingdom, brewing up spells, romping through the forest, or saving the world, a girl’s Halloween costume lets her creativity shine. Of course, the most important part is having fun! As long as girls feel excited in their costumes, they are sure to have a bewitching and memorable Halloween.