The Most Comfortable Outfit for a Long Flight

The Most Comfortable Outfit for a Long Flight

Taking a long flight can be an uncomfortable experience. Sitting in a cramped seat for hours on end leaves many travelers sore, sleepy, and ready to get off the plane as soon as possible. While airlines can’t make the seats any roomier, you do have control over what you wear on the flight. Choosing the right outfit can help maximize your comfort so you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore.

What to Look for in an Outfit for Long Flights

When determining the most comfortable outfit for long flights, there are a few key factors to consider:

Flexibility and Stretch

Look for fabrics with some stretch and flex that move with your body. This includes leisurewear made with spandex, yoga pants, soft knits, and stretchy denim. The more the fabric can flex, the more it will allow you to shift in your seat without restriction.Sport fashion, sport casual style. Beautiful female models poses in bright sports suits and sunglasses on the city street. Fashion shot.


Breathable fabrics allow airflow against your skin, helping regulate body temperature in a climate-controlled cabin. Lightweight, breathable options include linen, cotton, jersey knits, and athletic/performance wear.

Loose, Flowy Silhouettes

Avoid anything too tight or binding, which can cut off circulation and feel restrictive over several hours seated. Look for loose, flowy pants, dresses, tunics, and oversized tops that give you room to move.

Soft, Comfortable Materials

Prioritize soft, comfortable fabrics like cotton, jersey, microfiber, fleece and cashmere. Avoid harsh textures like tweed, sequins or heavy knits that can irritate skin over time.Sporty woman in white fleece sweatshirt and sweatpants posing over bright pink studio background


Layers allow you to adjust your warmth and achieve comfort as cabin temperatures fluctuate. A light cardigan, jacket or scarf you can take on and off are handy.

Slip-on Footwear

Bulky closed-toe shoes are uncomfortable for long flights. Pack slip-on options like slip-on sneakers, loafers or ballet flats instead of lace-ups.

The Most Comfortable Outfit for Women

Here are some of the most comfortable outfit options to consider for women:

Stretchy Leggings + Flowy Top + Cardigan

A stretchy pair of leggings or yoga pants with a flowy knit top or tunic can be an ultra-comfy pairing. Bring a lightweight cardigan or jacket to adjust warmth. Pick dark leggings if you want to de-emphasize wrinkles.Woman in knitted woolen sweatshirt and black pants on white background.

Drapey Jumpsuit or Pantsuit

A drapey jumpsuit or soft pantsuit in jersey or knit offers an elevated put-together look while remaining comfy. Just avoid anything too restrictive.

Maxi Dress + Lightweight Scarf

A soft, stretchy jersey maxi dress allows plenty of room to move while looking polished. Pair with a lightweight scarf or pashmina to adjust temperature.

Joggers + Tank + Jean Jacket

Joggers and a tank make a relaxed travel uniform, with a jean jacket adding warmth without weight. Add socks and sneakers to complete the casual look.Attractive smiling hipster girl with brown hair wearing a hat and backpack outdoors

Leisure Tracksuit

An athletic leisure tracksuit with elastic waist pants and a zip-up jacket is ultra-comfortable for travel days. Go for soft fabrics with stretch.

The Most Comfortable Outfit for Men

And for men, these are some go-to comfortable flight outfits:

Joggers + Hoodie + Jacket

Joggers and a hoodie make the ultimate comfy pairing. Add a lightweight bomber or denim jacket for more warmth without the bulk. Finish the casual look with sneakers.Stylish young couple in hoodies on blue background

Soft Button-Down + Chinos

A soft button-down dress shirt untucked with a trusted pair of stretch chinos or joggers can achieve comfort with polish. Add loafers or slip-on sneakers.

Sweatpants + Crewneck Sweatshirt

Basic sweatpants and a crewneck sweatshirt offer lightweight warmth and breathability. Pack socks and slip-on sneakers to complete the laidback look.

Drawstring Pants + T-Shirt + Flannel

Linen or lightweight cotton drawstring pants with a soft worn-in tee, layered under an open flannel shirt, make a comfortable go-to travel uniform.Working that work out style. Studio shot of a handsome young man dressed in a tank top and track pants looking at the camera.

Jogger Sweat Suit

For ultimate ease, a soft jogger sweat suit ensures total comfort. A hoodie and sweatpant combo allows flexibility and stretch.

The most important factor is choosing soft, breathable fabrics with a bit of stretch. Prioritize loose, relaxed silhouettes and layers to adjust your temperature. Slip-on shoes are ideal for easy on and off. With the right versatile comfort pieces, you can achieve coziness no matter your personal style or destination.

FAQ about Comfortable Outfits for Long Flights

What is the most comfortable thing to wear on an airplane?

The most comfortable clothes for a long flight are stretchy, breathable fabrics in loose silhouettes that don’t restrict your movement. Ideal options include leggings, joggers, flowy dresses, sweatpants, and tops in soft knits or jersey.

What should you not wear on a long flight?

Avoid anything too tight or constricting like skinny jeans, bodycon dresses or tailored separates. Skip rough textures and fabrics that don’t breathe. Leave the bulky closed-toe shoes and boots at home in favor of slip-on sneakers or flats.

What do you wear on an overnight flight?

For overnight long-haul flights, prioritize soft, stretchy separates you can sleep in like joggers, sweatpants, leggings and a hoodie or zip-up jacket. Bring socks, eye mask and scarf. Stay away from restrictive waistbands or dense fabrics that get uncomfortable for sleeping.

Should you dress up for a flight?

It depends on the destination, purpose of your trip and personal preferences. You do not need to dress up for flights, but some may choose to for those reasons or comfort. The most important thing is wearing soft, stretchy clothes you can relax in.

What is the best fabric to wear on a plane?

Ideal fabrics for air travel include cotton, jersey, microfiber and lightweight merino wool for their breathability and comfort against the skin during long periods of sitting. Stretchy fabrics like spandex blends allow more movement.


Selecting the proper in-flight outfit for long hauls is an important part of keeping comfortable amid cramped cabins and fluctuating temperatures. Breathable, stretchy fabrics in loose silhouettes will best allow you to move, sit and even sleep with ease. Layers to adjust warmth and slip-on shoes also maximize comfort. With a versatile, comfy flight outfit, you can sit back, relax and arrive at your destination feeling your best.