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Khaki Complements: 36 Shoe Styles to Pair with Your Khakis

Last update: 2024-05-01

Throughout the 19th century, Harry Bernett Lumsden invented the khaki fabric, which found its application in manufacturing military uniforms. In present times, khaki fabric is increasingly utilized in the production of everyday clothing such as pants, tops, skirts, and hats due to its incredible durability, wrinkle-resistance, and sound-absorbent properties. Khakis are an essential wardrobe item for everyone, suitable for various occasions like attending school, casual outings, or picnics.

Nonetheless, achieving a balanced outfit with khaki pants necessitates careful consideration of shoe selection. Which style and design of shoes would complement khakis and enhance your appearance? The following 36 shoe types compatible with khakis will provide you with ideas to refine your outfit selection and elevate your demeanor.

1. Oxford Footwear

Oxford shoes are characterized by leather uppers with laces concealed beneath the vamp, and the two facing lace flaps are connectable. The elegant, timeless appeal of Oxford shoes makes them an ideal match for khaki pants, lending the ensemble a dignified presence.

Oxford shoes placed on a fur chair taken close-up

Opting for dark hues and high-heeled socks is advisable when pairing Oxford shoes with khaki pants. This combination is particularly fitting for formal events.

2. Slip-Ons

Slip-ons are laceless shoes featuring a unified front surface that can be quickly put on. Slip-on shoes are versatile and can be paired with a variety of outfits, including khakis.

This combination is suitable for both formal and informal settings. For a more formal look, pair long khakis with high-collar white socks. Alternatively, wear no-show socks with khaki shorts for a casual, energetic appearance.

3. Deck Shoes

Hailing from the sun-drenched and breezy Mediterranean region, these leather deck shoes were initially designed for sailors, featuring non-slip rubber soles and durable laces. Over time, deck shoes have become increasingly popular in mainstream fashion, paired with everyday clothing. For a preppy look, consider pairing khakis with deck shoes.

4. Chelsea Ankle Boots

Chelsea ankle boots, when combined with khaki shorts, create a highly flattering ensemble that enhances height and adds a lively touch. Pairing these boots with a shirt or a T-shirt results in a comfortable, energetic, and casual outfit perfect for leisure activities and outings with friends. When it comes to color coordination, light khaki pants with dark boots create an eye-catching contrast.

 short black hair girl with cool clothes and Chelsea Ankle Boots

5. Loafers

Loafers are laceless leather shoes with a closed toe and an opening just wide enough to accommodate the foot. The combination of khaki pants and loafers is highly favored by office workers for its comfortable, yet professional appearance.

It is recommended to choose a light-toned shirt paired with dark pants and shoes, with the shoe color being slightly darker than the pants color.

6. Strapped Slingbacks

A slingback shoe features an open back with a strap detail at the heel, allowing for effortless, smooth movement and accentuating the slender appearance of the legs. Paired with khaki pants, this combination exudes sophistication and style. Opt for flat or high-soled slingbacks with minimal adornments and limited textures to achieve a harmonious overall look.

7. Elevated High-Top Sneakers

Ankle-designed high-top sneakers are a popular choice for pairing with khaki pants, adding a sense of power and maturity to the wearer. This ensemble is especially fitting for autumn and winter seasons or outdoor activities such as strolling, backpacking, or venturing into the forest, due to its discreet nature.

To enhance your outfit, consider cuffing the pant legs slightly and selecting contrasting colors, like dark khaki pants paired with white high-top sneakers.

8. Cozy Chukka Boots

For chilly winter days, combine a turtleneck sweater and thick khaki pants with a warm pair of Chukka boots for an ideal outfit when stepping out. To achieve a harmonious, elegant, and luxurious look, opt for deep, warm shades like beige and brown. Additionally, accessorize with belts, leather wallets, and watches.

Men's shoe ideas. Close-up of men's brown Chukka suede suede shoes on a white background. Horizontal photo

9. Breezy Flip-Flops

A quintessential summer beach outfit consists of khaki slacks, T-shirts, outerwear shirts, and flip-flops. These simple garments provide excellent breathability, easy movement, and wearer comfort, allowing you to fully enjoy your beachside moments. To add a touch of vibrancy, choose bright pieces that reflect the summer sun's brilliance.

10. Stylish Monk Shoes

Monk shoes, a fusion of oxford shoes and loafers, offer a snug fit and are fastened with two metal buckles for added convenience. When worn with khaki pants, the classic design of monk shoes imparts a luxurious appearance. Enhance the look with vests, shirts, and watches. For colors, opt for deep shades to evoke elegance or bright hues for a youthful vibe.

11. Iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Originally designed as basketball shoes, Chuck Taylor All-Stars have gained worldwide popularity and have become emblematic of pop culture. Combine these iconic shoes with straight-leg khaki pants for a serious yet youthful style, or wear them with slightly tighter khaki pants, cuffed to reveal the shoe's branding for a dynamic flair.

12. Distinctive Suede Sneakers

When khaki pants are paired with suede sneakers instead of leather shoes, the result is a unique, edgy look for the wearer. For this particular ensemble, choose khaki pants featuring stylized patterns and pair them with hoodies, outerwear shirts, caps, and backpacks.

White sneakers isolated on gray background

13. Sturdy Work Boots

Sturdy work boots are high-heeled footwear designed to withstand various weather conditions and provide excellent water resistance. Pairing these with khaki pants will give you an energetic and robust appearance. This ensemble is ideal for outdoor activities or physically demanding jobs that require significant movement. To complete the look, choose either loose or tight khaki pants.

14. Block Heels

Pairing high-waisted khakis with block heels is an incredibly popular office attire choice. This combination gives you a youthful, strong appearance while still being feminine and sophisticated. Enhance this outfit by adding a shirt, blazer, and accessories such as belts, wallets, bags, necklaces, and watches.

Creative studio photo with white lace block high heels, product photography

15. T-Strap Sandals

T-strap sandals feature a simple design with a rear strap. If you prefer an elegant and minimalist style, try an outfit consisting of a shirt, high-waisted khaki pants, and T-strap sandals. Opt for flare or straight-cut khaki pants and choose soft colors like mint green, beige, or white. Complete the look with accessories like belts and bags.

16. Casual Low-top Canvas Sneakers

Combining casual low-top canvas sneakers with rolled-up khakis creates a simple yet stylish and energetic appearance. For a striking color contrast, pair light-colored khaki pants with dark sneakers or dark khakis with white sneakers to accentuate your outfit.

17. Skateboard Sneakers

Skateboard sneakers, as the name implies, are athletic footwear designed specifically for skateboarding, featuring unique soles. However, these sneakers have become popular for various uses beyond their original purpose, especially when paired with khaki pants.

Feet with sneakers on a skateboard on the street

A combination of gray khaki pants, black low-cut skateboard sneakers, and white socks will make you stand out in style.

18. Transparent High Heels

Transparent high heels, known for their clear soles, are a familiar sight among high heel aficionados. These stylish shoes provide an elegant touch and grace to your feet. When wearing them with khaki pants, select flared, high-waisted pants in a color close to your skin tone, making you appear taller and more refined than ever.

19. Strappy Lace-up Sandals

Strappy lace-up sandals are a unique fusion of ballet shoes and traditional sandal designs, characterized by their wraparound style. The flat sole ensures comfort and ease of movement, while the wraparound design offers breathability for the feet.

Paired with khaki pants, this outfit exudes a light, feminine vibe while also adding an edgy touch to the wearer.

20. Fusion Footwear

Mules are a blend of shoes and sandals, distinguished by their open back without a heel. They offer the stylish appearance and dynamic feel of shoes while maintaining the comfort and breathability of sandals. Pair mules with baggy, high-waisted pants for an elegant look. For added flair, opt for pointed-toe mules, bold patterns, or high-heeled styles.

21. Sharp-Edged Flats

Sharp-Edged Flats are characterized by their low heels and pointed toes, providing a compact profile for the feet and effortless movement without causing discomfort. To achieve a balanced look when pairing with khaki pants, opt for high-waisted, split-cut styles that don't extend beyond the ankles. Color-wise, choose light-colored tops to match dark pants and shoes.

22. Signature H-sandals

Thanks to the Hermes fashion house, the distinctive H-style Sandals have become a favorite among fashion enthusiasts. The H-shaped design offers a symmetrical, lightweight, and sleek look while maintaining elegance and luxury. Combining shirt pants, high-waisted khaki pants, and H-style Sandals creates a popular summer outfit for office workers.

H-Sandals on grungy wood top view with copy space

23. Open-toed Heels

Originating in the 1940s, Peep-toe shoes are high-heeled footwear featuring an open-toe design for ventilation and ease of movement. Pairing Peep-toe shoes with stylized khaki pants offers a fashionable choice for women seeking to showcase their sweetness, femininity, and sophistication. For added contrast, consider a dark turtleneck sweater or a dark leather handbag.

24. Sophisticated Slides

As fashion evolves, slides have transformed from indoor slippers to sleek, luxurious designs, providing ultimate comfort during movement. Pairing slide sandals with khaki pants creates a lightweight and elegant ensemble. To optimize this look, select slides with simple patterns and solid colors, and ensure the khaki pants' length extends beyond the ankle to cover the back of the leg.

25. Elevated Wedges

Wedges are a prime choice when coupled with white khaki pants. These shoes feature a high heel and an integrated sole, designed as a seamless block to create a sense of balance and stability for the wearer. Despite their substantial soles, wedges are comfortable and lightweight during motion. This pairing is ideal for formal occasions such as meetings and negotiations.

Elevated Wedges isolated on the wood floor

26. Moccasin Reimagined

The Moccasin is a shoe style that emerged in the early 19th century, drawing inspiration from the indigenous tribes of North America. This low-profile loafer features a decorative lace and a soft leather sole that comfortably wraps around the foot, allowing for effortless movement and imparting a sense of free-spirited charm to the wearer.

Effortlessly versatile, Moccasins pair perfectly with khaki pants. To accentuate their elegance and sophistication, opt for pants with a leg length that leaves the shoes uncovered.

27. The Stiletto Heel

A perennial favorite among high-heel enthusiasts, the Stiletto heel takes its name from the slender Stiletto knife. Characterized by their tall, slim metal soles, Stiletto heels lend a touch of bold individuality to the wearer while also enhancing their height. Pairing these heels with straight-leg khaki pants, vests, and blazers results in a classy office ensemble that allows you to express yourself with confidence.

28. Elegant Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals employ thin straps to securely hold the feet in place while walking. These delicate straps add a sense of refined grace and subtle personality to the wearer. Lightweight and easy to move in, strappy sandals come in various multi-strap designs for added flair when worn with khaki pants.

29. Eye-catching Cut-out Shoes

For a distinctive twist to your khaki pants ensemble, consider accenting your look with Cut-out shoes. This shoe style features clever and intricate cutouts along the shoe's body, creating a truly unique and stylish focal point. These breathable, comfortable shoes cradle the foot and complement your overall appearance. Pair white khaki pants with vibrant cut-out shoes to maximize their striking effect.

30. Sophisticated Ballet Flats

Inspired by the grace of ballet dancers, Ballet flats are characterized by their simple design, minimal embellishments, soft soles, and form-fitting comfort. To achieve a refined look with khaki pants, opt for high-waisted, tailored pants. Stick to neutral hues like beige, nude, and milky white, and accessorize with delicate necklaces and watches to enhance your sophisticated style.

Clorful Sophisticated Ballet Flats isolated on white background

31. Stylish Platform Shoes

With their trendy, athletic appearance, khaki jogger pants boasting a bear design and box pockets appeal to the fashion-forward crowd and cater to intense physical activity. To complete this sporty ensemble, pair these pants with Platform shoes – a flat, cushioned athletic shoe that boosts your height without sacrificing comfort. Choose brightly colored footwear to contrast with neutral-toned khaki jogger pants for an attention-grabbing outfit.

32. Dual-Strap Chunky Heeled Sandals

Dual-Strap Chunky Heeled Sandals paired with khaki trousers and a shirt make a fashionable ensemble for office-going ladies. These sandals feature a high heel, two front straps, and a back strap. The minimalistic strap design slenderizes the legs while the back strap securely embraces the legs for enhanced mobility.

33. Ring-Toe Sandals

Originating from the 1990s, Ring-Toe Sandals draw inspiration from elegant rings. The prominent circle at the big toe ensures stability and adds a unique touch to the design. Ring-Toe Sandals can be incorporated with a variety of outfits and styles. Combining them with high-waisted khaki pants, flare bottoms, and T-shirts elongates the legs.

34. Ankle-Wrap Flat Sandals

Woman holding sandals while standing at the top edge of desert dunes in Liwa Abu Dhabi, wearing brown loose Indian pants
Ankle-Wrap Flat Sandals feature multiple straps that crisscross around the foot with emphasis on the ankle strap. Paired with minimalist-styled khaki pants, these sandals provide a luxurious accent that adds sophistication. For color coordination, opt for neutral pants paired with dark-toned Ankle-Wrap Flat Sandals to showcase your distinct personality.

35. Elevated Platform Sandals

Elevated Platform Sandals boast high soles, providing the wearer with a heightened appearance. When combined with khaki pants, consider choosing brown or beige hues and low-rise trousers partnered with faux-seagrass soled Platform Sandals for a balanced outfit. To add further flair, incorporate a large handbag. This versatile ensemble fits both office settings and leisurely strolls.

36. Military-Style Boots

Initially designed for soldiers undergoing military training, Military-Style Boots have evolved into a wardrobe essential for both men and women. Pairing these boots with fitted khaki pants exudes a youthful, energetic, and edgy vibe. Keep in mind when styling this combination that the pant hems should not cover the boots.

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