Styles For Chubby Women

Styles For Chubby Women

Being a chubby or plus size woman can make finding the right clothing styles challenging. However, with some strategic styling choices, you can create looks that are flattering and fashionable. Here are some tips for stylish clothing for chubby women.

Choose the Right Fabrics

The fabric you choose for your clothing matters a lot when you want a flattering fit. Look for fabrics with some stretch like ponte, jersey and knits. They will drape nicely over curves. Stiff fabrics like denim can be less forgiving. When you do wear denim, try styles with some stretch or elastic paneling. Flowy, soft fabrics like chiffon and silky materials are also ideal for skimming over the body in a flattering way.Young plump white plus size woman cooking salad, healthy food, dieting, counting calories, preparing dinner lunch at kitchen

Find the Right Fit

Buy clothing in sizes that actually fit your body. Getting a larger size just to hide problem areas will make your silhouette look wider. Finding the right fit may require going up a size or two in some garments and brands. The key is to try on a lot of styles and pay attention to how they fit your bust, waist, hips and thighs. Build a wardrobe with pieces that are truly made for your shape.

Choose Styles That Cinch and Gather

Certain styles are extremely flattering for chubby body types. Look for tops, dresses and jackets that are fitted at the waist or include belts, sashes or ties. This creates definition at your narrowest point. Empire waist and babydoll styles also nip in under the bust to skim over the tummy and hips beautifully. Peplum tops and dresses are perfect for balancing and concealing wider hips. Gathered details, shirring and ruching also help camouflage problem areas.Fashion, happiness and portrait of woman by the wall with fashionable, trendy and office attire.

Pick the Right Pants

For chubby women, the cut of pants makes all the difference in fit. A mid or high rise flatters the waist and prevents gapping in the back. Straight and bootcut legs balance out curvy hips and thighs. Try trouser styles with a tailored fit through the hips and thighs that are not too tight. Stretch denim skinny jeans also hug curves in all the right places when sized up properly. Avoid pants that are too voluminous or short – longer, closer fitting pants elongate the leg.

Accentuate Your Best Assets

Play up your best features when choosing clothing. For an hourglass shape, celebrate your bustline with v-neck tops and wrap dresses. Show off shapely arms and shoulders with sleeveless styles. Long flowy dresses and maxis are perfect for pear shapes trying to balance bottom-heavy proportions. No matter your shape, highlight your legs with above-the-knee hemlines. Go for flirty prints and bright colors on areas you want to accentuate.Plus size woman holding smartphone in hand, texting or reading messages

Choose Layers Strategically

Layering your outfits is an easy way to conceal areas where you are self-conscious. Pair a jacket with dresses to camouflage your upper arms. Try a long vest or duster over pants to streamline your hips. Cute cropped cardigans and bolero jackets draw the eye upwards through your torso. Scarves and statement necklaces also direct attention towards your face. Use layers to highlight your best assets.

Skip the Oversize Look

Resist the temptation to drown your frame in billowy, oversize silhouettes. Tents and shapeless sacks will just overwhelm you visually. Keep proportions balanced – if you wear an oversize top, pair it with something more fitted on the bottom. Stick to your actual dress size for the most flattering results. Invest in clothing with detail at the shoulders, neckline and hemline to keep you looking polished.Woman crossing the street

With the right styles and fits” chubby women can look and feel amazing. Focus on finding pieces made from stretchy, drapey fabrics that highlight your best features. Seek out waist-defining shapes and flattering silhouettes suited for your unique figure. Dress in items that fit you properly to celebrate your beauty and curves. Use strategic layering to balance proportions. With a little fashion know-how, you can build an enviable wardrobe that flatters your shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best pants styles for chubby women?

For chubby women, look for pants with a mid to high rise waist, straight or bootcut legs, and stretch fabrics like ponte knit. Styles that are fitted through the hips and thighs but not too tight are ideal. Trousers with a tailored fit and stretch denim are good options.

What type of tops flatter a chubby figure?

Tops that cinch or gather at the waist are most flattering for chubby body types. Look for wrap styles, empire waists, and peplum shapes. V-necks and tops with shoulder details also draw the eye upwards to accentuate your best assets.

Should chubby women wear loose, oversized clothing?

Avoid overly baggy or shapeless silhouettes. Billowy tents of fabric will overwhelm your frame. Look for clothing made in your actual dress size for a tailored fit. Balance oversize shapes on top with fitted pieces on the bottom.

What fabrics are best for chubby women’s clothing?

Look for fabrics with stretch like ponte, jersey and knits. Stiff fabrics can be less forgiving. Soft, flowy fabrics like chiffon and silky materials also drape nicely over curves. Stretch denim is better than stiff denim.

How can layers help flatter a chubby figure?

Layers strategically conceal areas you want to downplay. Jackets and long vests balance hips and thighs. Cropped cardigans draw the eye upwards. Scarves and statement necklaces highlight your face. Use layers to spotlight your best features.


Chubby women can look stylish by choosing pieces made in fabrics with stretch, seeking waist-defining shapes, and selecting flattering silhouettes. Focus on proper fit, avoid shapeless styles, and use strategic layering. Accentuate your favorite features and balance proportions in your outfits. With some simple tricks, chubby women can dress fashionably for any occasion.