What Color Shirt Goes With Khaki Pants Female?

What Color Shirt Goes With Khaki Pants Female?

Khaki pants are a wardrobe staple that can be paired with a variety of tops. When choosing a shirt to wear with khakis, consider the formality of the occasion, your skin tone, and personal style preferences. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect shirt to complement your khaki pants.

Matching Shirt Colors

When deciding what color shirt goes with khaki pants, you’ll want to consider the overall look you’re trying to achieve.Portrait of a young and beautiful Indian Asian woman trying out new clothing in a fitting room in a fashion shop in a mall. She is wearing a casual fitting white shirt and khaki pants.

Neutral Shirt Colors

For a clean, neutral palette that can be adapted for formal or casual wear, pair your khakis with these shades:

  • White: The ultimate versatile shade that looks polished yet approachable.
  • Black: For an edgy twist on a business casual ensemble or dressier nighttime attire.
  • Gray: Sophisticated charcoal or heather gray tops keep your look modern.

Black, white and gray shirts provide a neutral foundation, ideal for mixing and matching accessories. Go monochromatic by pairing these shirt colors with khaki-adjacent shades like tan or stone pants.

Warm and Earthy Shirt Colors

Introduce subtle, natural hues to complement the taupe base of khaki pants:

  • Beige and light brown: Soften harsh lines and add high-end finesse for work or formal occasions.
  • Red and maroon: Make a bold statement by matching these fiery shades.
  • Forest green: An organic yet versatile shade to incorporate some color.

Richer earth tones like peach, mustard and terracotta provide enough contrast against neutral khakis while staying seasonal for spring and fall wear.Woman in white sneakers and khaki trousers goes upstairs to her apartment. White staircase in apartment building.

Styling Tips

A few simple styling strategies can elevate your khakis in any color shirt combination.

Accessorize and Layer

Raising your look’s sophistication level is as easy as tossing on a few key pieces:

  • Swap out a basic tee for a button-down or blouse in woven cotton or silk.
  • In cooler weather, pair your top with a tailored blazer or knit cardigan.
  • Tie it all together with leather belts, neck scarves and statement jewelry.

Finish off with strappy heels or booties to seamlessly transition from day to night events.Fashion beauty portrait of young woman with long hair in knitted cardigan on desert background, autumn outfit

Seek The Perfect Fit

An ill-fitting top ruins the sleek lines of high-waisted or skinny khakis. Avoid shapeless, baggy shirts as well as oversized collars that visually overwhelm petite frames.

Look for:

  • Cropped lengths: Show off a peek of midriff or high-rise pants.
  • Tailored cuts: Seek collared shirts, tucked-in blouses and fitted tees.
  • Stretch fabrics: Knits move with your body; woven level collars and cuffs.

Finding tops with elements of stretch ensures that you’ll stay trim and tucked in no matter how you style your khakis for the day.


From laid-back weekends to formal business meetings, a khaki pants outfit starts with choosing a top in the perfect style, color and fit. Now that you know how to pair shirts to enhance neutral khakis, you can feel confident building a versatile wardrobe suitable for any occasion. Use neutral tops as a solid starting point, then incorporate shades with warm, rich tones for a pulled-together yet creative look.