• Women's Clothes Men Can Wear

Women's Clothes Men Can Wear

Last update: 2023-11-14

There has been a rising trend of men wearing clothes designed for women. While gender norms around clothing are relaxing, many men are still hesitant to cross traditional gender boundaries when it comes to their wardrobes. However, there are many stylish and comfortable women's clothing items that men can confidently incorporate into their own looks. Here is an overview of how men can wear women's clothes as well as the pros, cons, and alternatives.

How Can Men Wear Women's Clothes

  • Focus on fit - Make sure the item properly fits your body type rather than strictly following women's sizing. Getting the right fit will make the item look intentional.
  • Look for androgynous styles - Tunic tops, sweater dresses, culottes, and other looser or gender neutral clothing can more seamlessly translate from the women's department.
  • Incorporate subtle feminine details - Try a delicate pendant necklace, sleek pointy flats, an elegant wrap coat, or a clutch bag. Subtle rather than overt feminine touches will make the look cohesive.
  • Start small - Begin integrating just one or two women's garments into your existing wardrobe before building up a full feminine ensemble.
  • Have confidence - Embrace your right to defy rigid gender norms and wear whatever clothes make you feel great! Confidence is key.
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Pros of Men Wearing Women's Clothes

  • Greater self-expression - Women's clothes offer men much more variety to reflect their personal tastes and interests through fashion.
  • Improved comfort - Women's clothes often use softer, lighter fabrics that can be more comfortable, especially in warm weather.
  • Cost savings - Since women's clothes are mass-produced at higher volumes, the prices can be lower than men's clothes.
  • Makeup compatability - Make up application can seem more cohesive when paired with traditionally feminine dress.
  • Normalization of fluid fashion - Men expanding their gender expression through clothing encourages society to accept non-binary fashion as a norm.

Cons of Men Wearing Women's Clothes

  • Difficult fit - Women's clothes are designed for different body types, so finding the right size can require more effort.
  • Stigma - Unfortunately some outdated gender stereotypes persist, so men wearing feminine clothes may face ridicule.
  • Limited pockets - Women's clothes infamously lack sufficient pockets, which can be inconvenient if you're used to men's cargo pants.
  • Perceived as a statement - Rather than just a personal fashion choice, it may be seen as a political statement.
  • Possible confusion - Those unfamiliar with shifting gender norms may wrongly perceive feminine dress as an indicator of gender identity or sexual orientation.
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Alternatives to Full Women's Styles

For men who appreciate feminine styles but aren't ready to fully shop the women's department, there are some hybrid options:

  • Women's accessories - Belts, handbags, scarves, and jewelry offer subtle feminine flair.
  • Unisex styles - Many contemporary brands offer androgynous and gender neutral clothing.
  • Custom tailoring - Getting a piece custom made based on female styles allows for better fit while maintaining masculine details.
  • Men's feminine fashion - Many men's brands now offer tops, pants, and accessories in feminine colors, silhouettes, and fabrics while maintaining a masculine overall look.
  • Thrift store finds - Second-hand and vintage stores often stock gently used women's pieces in more unisex sizes and styles.

Step-by-Step Guide for Men Wearing Women's Clothes

Follow these tips for seamlessly integrating women's clothes into your style as a man:

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Determine your comfort level - Decide which styles of women's clothing you're most comfortable with based on your personal preference, lifestyle, and gender expression. Don't feel pressured to jump to the deep end of the women's department right away. Move at your own pace!

Get accurate measurements - Use a fabric tape measure to get your precise sizing for women's clothes, which are sized differently than men's. Measure your chest, waist, hips, inseam, and arm length.

Begin with subtle pieces - Start by incorporating feminine accessories or one garment you feel confident wearing, like a tunic top or drawstring pants. Get used to the feeling before doing full feminine looks.

Focus on fit and comfort - Regardless of the garment, make sure it fits your body properly and lets you move comfortably. Getting the right size and tailoring if needed is essential, especially for tops and bottoms.

Style appropriately - When wearing a more overtly feminine piece like a dress, balance it out with some masculine details like menswear-inspired shoes. Create cohesive outfits that suit your gender expression goals.

Exude confidence - Hold your head high and be proud breaking rigid gender boundaries through fashion. Wear women's clothes with the bold confidence of knowing no one can limit your right to dress as you please!

Styling Tips for Men Wearing Women's Clothes

  • Pair wide-leg trousers or a flowy skirt with a fitted masculine top for balance
  • Add a blazer on top of a feminine dress for a polished mixed look
  • Incorporate delicate jewelry into rugged menswear for striking contrast
  • Wear a tunic like a longline T-shirt for an effortless Genderless look
  • Mix feminine colors like pastels and florals with traditional menswear patterns
  • Cuff long wide-leg pants or midi skirts to ankle length to lean masculine
  • Finish off a feminine ensemble with sturdy masculine footwear


Is it weird for men to wear women's clothes?

No, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in women's clothes, it is perfectly acceptable to wear clothing from the women's department regardless of gender. Fashion norms are becoming much more fluid. Wear what you like!

Where can men buy women's clothing for themselves?

Men can shop the women's sections in any department store, clothing outlet, or online retailer that sells women's fashion. Make sure to pay attention to accurate sizing, as women's clothes use different measurements than men's.

What women's clothes are most acceptable for men to wear?

More androgynous or loose-fitting women's clothes that lack overly feminine detailing, like simple blouses, sweater dresses, culottes, tunics, coats, and unisex shoes are most translatable to masculine wear. Details like ruffles, puffed sleeves or skintight dresses are more advanced.

How can I make sure women's clothes properly fit my body as a man?

Focus on accurate measurements rather than women's size charts. Measure your chest, waist, hips, arms, and inseam to find the proper sizes that fit your proportions in each garment type. Getting pieces tailored can also optimize the fit.

What footwear options work well for men dressing feminine?

Oxfords, loafers, Doc Martens, and other lace-up unisex shoes pair nicely with feminine clothes for men. Avoid heavily gendered heels or sandals until you're ready for an advanced fully feminine look. Sneakers also work for casual feminine outfits on men.


While some outdated stigmas remain, attitudes toward gender expression are progressing to accept that style has no inherent gender. Women's clothing offers men much more variety for self-expression. With the right fit, style tactics, and confidence, men can open up a whole new world of fashion by incorporating women's garments into their wardrobes. Clothing is simply a means of creatively presenting yourself on your own terms. So men should feel empowered to proudly wear women's styles that make them look and feel their best!

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