Things Stylish Men Never Do

Things Stylish Men Never Do

Being stylish is about more than just wearing the latest fashion trends. It’s an entire way of carrying yourself and presenting yourself to the world. Truly stylish men have an effortless elegance about them that comes from paying attention to the smallest details. There are certain habits and behaviors that immediately undermine a man’s style credentials. Avoid these faux pas, and you’ll instantly appear more refined. Here are some things stylish men never do:

Overdress for the Occasion

One of the keys to great style is understanding how to dress appropriately for any occasion. Stylish men are careful not to overdress and risk looking like they are trying too hard. For example, wearing a three-piece suit to a casual office happy hour is too formal and screams of insecurity. Similarly, wearing a tuxedo to a friend’s backyard barbecue is just silly. Stylish men are confident enough to dress for the occasion – not above it.Stylish young businessman has coffee to go

Wear Clothes That Don’t Fit Properly

Well-fitting clothes are one of the fundamentals of men’s style. Yet many men make the mistake of wearing clothes that are too big or too small for their body type. Stylish men pay close attention to fit and have their clothes tailored properly to flatter their unique physique. Baggy, slouchy clothes diminish your appearance, while clothes that are too tight look uncomfortable. Make sure your everyday wardrobe and formalwear fits just right.

Sport Cheap Looking Accessories

Quality accessories can make or break an outfit. Pay attention to the details. Stylish men invest in a classic watch, leather belt, and leather shoes. They stay away from canvas belts, digital watches, and other accessories that look cheap. The right accessories elevate the rest of your look. Don’t skimp in this area.Businessman checking time from watch

Let Their Grooming Slip

Stylish men understand that personal grooming is just as important as what you wear. Little things like unkempt hair, visible body odor, bad breath, and dirty fingernails betray a lack of polish. Make sure to regularly get haircuts, shower daily, brush your teeth, trim your nails, and apply deodorant. Follow a simple grooming routine to always look tidy and together.

Try Too Hard To Be Trendy

Fashion trends come and go, and stylish men are careful not to embrace them indiscriminately. While it’s fine to experiment with current styles, chasing every trend screams “try hard.” Stylish men develop their own signature look over time. They may incorporate some modern touches but stay true to their personal style. Don’t force trends that don’t feel authentic.Portrait of smiling mid adult businessman standing at corporate office

Ignore Proper Posture and Body Language

How you carry yourself communicates a lot about your sense of style and confidence. Slouching makes you look sloppy. Crossed arms suggest insecurity. Stylish men stand tall with their shoulders back and heads high. They make eye contact, smile warmly, and have open body language that makes them approachable. Mind your posture as much as your clothes.

By avoiding these common style pitfalls, you will instantly appear more stylish, confident, and put-together. Don’t let minor grooming or fitting issues undermine your potential. Pay attention to the details and carry yourself in a refined, elegant manner.


What are the biggest style mistakes men make?

Some of the biggest style mistakes men make include wearing poorly fitted clothes, sporting cheap accessories, overdressing or underdressing for occasions, letting grooming slip, trying too hard to be trendy, and having poor posture/body language.

How can I start dressing more stylishly?

Start dressing more stylishly by investing in well-fitted clothing made from quality fabrics. Build a versatile wardrobe with key pieces like a navy blazer, white button-down, dark wash jeans, etc. Pay attention to the details like watches, belts, and shoes. Have clothes tailored for the best fit. Gradually develop your own personal style over time.

What are some tips for proper grooming?

Tips for proper grooming include showering daily, brushing and flossing teeth twice a day, regularly getting haircuts, trimming facial hair, clipping nails, wearing deodorant and cologne, having clean hands and feet, and dressing in clean clothes free of stains, wrinkles, or odors.

How do stylish men accessorize?

Stylish men accessorize with watches, belts, shoes, sunglasses, etc. that are high-quality, classic, and complement their look. Leather, stainless steel, and other luxe materials elevate a man’s accessories. Stylish men avoid loud, gaudy, cheap-looking accessories.

What is the importance of posture and body language?

Good posture and body language are just as important as the clothes you wear. Standing up straight with shoulders back and head high exudes confidence. Making eye contact, smiling warmly, and having open/relaxed body language makes you seem friendly and approachable. Poor posture or closed/nervous body language undermines your style.


In conclusion, dressing stylishly is not only about the clothes you wear but also about the way you present yourself. Men can avoid common style mistakes by investing in well-fitted and quality clothing, paying attention to grooming, and accessorizing with classic and high-quality pieces. Additionally, having good posture and body language can enhance your overall style and make you appear more confident and approachable. By following these tips, any man can improve his style and make a positive impression. However, you can also try different styles, but following the above factors will help you look better and more attractive than ever.